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my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doogboy, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. i have had my new bike for about 4-5 months now and havnt got round to posting pics . i washed it this morning and thought why not now as the weather is looking decidedly too dodgy :(

    she's a 02 SV650S im the 3rd owner the guy who had it before me did all the work toit and added the bling

    its had a big bore kit out to 700,the carbs have been jetted,full eingine rebuild about 5k ago the bike has 27thou on it now ,full yoshi system (sounds great),oggy knobs,carbon fibre( fake and real )everywhere,oil temp guage,small indicators,clear tail lght,cool double bubble screen,too many stickers(bit wankey but i have left them on for now ,plus lots of other stuff i dont fully know all the details of.

    she goes and sounds great , if i do anything else with to i might look at a different rear shock (gsxr 750 or somthing ),but im pretty happy with it as is

    thank you for your time

    two more

    bit of bling!!!!
  2. good looking bike :applause:
  3. Don't thank US; WE thank you for posting up the pics. A nice looking bike :).
  4. Looks nice. Well done.
  5. very nice, now you just need to get a fender eliminator to finish off all that bling :grin:
  6. Nice bike man, i was thinking of getting one for my next bike. I had my current bike for nearly 3 years, and while i love it, i really feel i need another bike. :grin: I dont really want more power, just maybe a better ride, something with a little more comfort. How does it ride?? is it firm, soft, in between??
  7. Clean looking bike.
  8. lol you have a bike that was built for comfort and you are thinking of a sports orientated bike?
  9. Finally some pics doog!

    Looking good, perhaps a few too many stickers but other than that its real nice. I'll have to think about a clear brake light, it looks good.

    But yet, kill the fender when you get around to it (although it is a complete pain in the ass to do so). As for rear shock, I've just received my zx10r shock from the states - $140 delivered. Getting it put in on wednesday, pm me after that if you want to know how hard it was to put in / how much improvement there was :grin:
  10. thanks guy's

    the fender thats on it is a carbon, fibre aftermarket thing,but it will go eventually they look so much cleaner wuthout one,

    the stickers will go soon too

    Menion i find the ride very comfortable the longest ride ive been on was about 400k's and i pulled up fine and felt i could of done more,the only downside is i found that the rear end can be easily upset by midcorner bumps im hopeing a rearshock upgrade will help that

    phizog thanks mate i'll pm you later for all the gritty details
    ive heard its a great upgrade! i'll be intrested in your opinion once its in
  11. Yeah I'll let you know mate.

    I got 15w oil (stock is 5 or 10) and heavier fork springs, and spacers with 110mm air gap done a week or two ago and the difference is astounding. If you haven't had the front sorted I'd get that done first, cost me about $300-350 for that stuff, if you wanted gold emulators it would cost about $250 more.

    I was totally OWNED by a ducati on my local road yesterday, doing speeds I thought impossible on those corners due to the bumps, but the thing just soaked them up and went on through! I tried to keep up by the bike was a pogo stick in comparison.
  12. "Built for comfort, sports orientated", i think you have the bikes mixed up bro. The sv is actually a less sportier riding position. The gsxf is an old school sports bike, very hard suspension, riding position is more bent over than the sv. I have only been on one sv, and only for a few minutes, but first impressions was of a less sporty position, better, softer suspension. Much easier to ride.
  13. very very nice machine mate!
  14. Thats gotta be the damn UGLIEST, GROTTY looking thing on TWO WHeels Ive ever SEEN !!

    .. kidding :LOL:
    Looks a GEM mate ... GREAT pics ThankYou
  15. Great pics mate! thanks for sharing, she looks a doozie. :)