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my bike wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lonewolf, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. hey i just bought a cbr 250 r/rr and it wont start its got fuel and oil, it just sounds like there is no spark is there something i should check i dont know much about bikes so as much advise as possible would be greatly appreciated :grin:

  2. Welcome to Netrider.

    I'm not going to consign you to the hostilities of the search engine, but I'm sure there was a "CB250RR won't start" thread just recently.

    Anyway, there are about 20,000 RR owners on Netrider :)P) and I'm sure one of them will come along soon and fix your problem for you.
  3. Pull a plug out and put it back in the cap and earth it onto the side of the engine. There should be a fat blue spark.

    Get back to us after you have done that.
  4. Did It start when you bought it?

    Checking for spark is easy, on the left hand fairing there's a duct if you reach in up the top you can pull the left most plug lead out, stick a screwdriver in it and put the end close to the frame it should spark when you crank it. dont do this if it smells of fuel, spilt or the containers nearby etc

    firstly however make sure the fuels on and try res, if is cold full choke no throttle.

    if it partly fires then turn the choke off and using the throttle turn it just enough to take up the cable slack and then 3 mm or so. when cranking the engine.

    what state arte you in (dismay)
  5. my bike still wont start

    hey me again i checked for spark there is a tiny spark and we gettin the occasional backfire but still not running battery low but charging it now is there any way to increase the spark maybe exposing more wires in the
    plug ? not sure any other suggestion ??
  6. will it fire on 1 or 2 cylinders if you just crack the throttle as described earlier?

    If so and your are feeling confident you can push start, put the bike in 3rd
    walk next to it on the left and release the clutch keep your hand on it ready to sqeeze it in so the bike doesnt take off, it shouldnt be too hard to push, it should flutter and fire, possibly just chugging along, if it does just keep walking next to it it will eventually run. just remember to keep your hand on the clutch. and really gently tickle the throttle.

    dont do this if youre not confident pushing the bike around! or youll end up on your ass.
  7. it's not firing at all
  8. i feel there is not enough spark to ignite it
  9. is the spark yellow or blue?
  10. If you stick your toung into to the lead and crank the bike over does it taste like vineger or lemons.... :roll:

    start with fresh fuel, clean plugs, strong battery.

    If your not upto these checks then take it to a mechanic before you break somthing....

    ps. tounges should not touch any part of a motorcycle.
  11. its a blue spark very faint though
  12. You don't own a Bimota.

    If it's only faint, then I'd be looking at new plugs.