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My bike wont start! Help appreciated.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gn250learning, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm on my learners and have a Suzuki GN250 '93 model.

    Right now my bike won't start- it makes a sound like it wants to start but no go. I think the battery is fine, because the headlight works fine when I turn the bike on.

    This happened a few months back and a service fixed it up for me. Now its happened again.

    It would be great if someone could help me out here- I can supply further information if required.

  2. What does that sound like. Is the engine turning over or is it just the sound of the starter motor? If it turns over does it go for a bit or stop when you let off the ignition.

    Where are you? SOmeone may be able to have a look at it.

    Welcome to Netrider. :)
  3. Hmmmmm this sounds familiar. Wasnt there a thread with same problem not so long ago?
  4. just because the light is on, does not mean the bike can start.

    if you are hearing a fast clicking sound it simply means the battery does not have enough charge . get yourself a jump start, or replace the battery even invest in a battery charger.
  5. yup if its a battery issue, i highly recommend getting a smart charger, wack it on charge whenever its in the garage, keeps the battery in tip top shape.
  6. I push the button and it makes a choking sound. Does that for a few seconds and then nothing.

    Thanks for the warm welcome.. Im in Ballarat :)
  7. Hmm so I might have to get a new battery? How come after the service it worked fine for a few months then? They didn't replace the battery back then.
  8. It would be great if you could link me to that thread- especially if the guy got his problem sorted :)
  9. sounds very familiar with a problem i had after flooding the carbies and trying to start the bike too many times the battery just wasn't charged enough to start her up. the lights were still working though.

    It's possible that the battery was not replaced, check your service docket it should say whether the battery was replaced, if not, then they probably just recharged it to capacity. If you have a multi-meter check the battery for amount of charge. should be 12.5V minimum anything below that will see you having trouble starting. and a very healthy charge would be 14.2V
  10. The battery must have just been charged to capacity- theres no meter thing on it so I can't tell if its charged or not. Looks like I'm going to get the battery replaced.

    A question: I thought batteries were supposed to recharge when the bike is running? Why would it have run down after a few months like this?
  11. few things can run your battery down.

    turning on the bike ignition key (on some bikes auto turns the light on) dicking around and not starting the bike straigh up, can run your battery down. this probably in combination with small short runs, down to the shops get some beer come back etc..

    the other thing is maybe the battery is just old. you can always top up the battery with distilled water to the higher level mark..

    have you droped the bike. droping the bike can cause fluid in the battery (and other fuilds ) to overflow..

    i assume you were getting the fast clicking sound... correct if that is the case then definatly battery.
  12. Hmm, I thought most motorcycle batteries were the sealed type, so you can't add distilled water. If yours isn't, don't add too much, as it dilutes the acid, further weakening the battery charge. Five mm over the plates is enough.

    It sounds like your motor is turning over, so it may not be the battery, but it is still possible that the battery is too weak to start the motor, but turns it over slowly. If so, it is likely that your battery is old, and it was just charged at the servce. Check the service docket, if you have one. Old batteries wont hold charge as well, and wont take charge from the alternator as well either. It is quite possible that it took enough charge from a smart charger to last a few months, but it is on its last legs. In that case, replace it. But have it tested first. Any decent battery place will tell you if it is on its way out.

    If not the battery, I suggest you search other threads, as they will include a host of possibilities: No spark, weak spark, clogged spark plugs, jammed carburettor floats, clogged jets, clogged fuel filter, etc., etc.
  13. Thanks for all the replies- after reading them all I think it must be the battery.

    I will hopefully get it checked out tommorrow and I'll let you know how I go :D
  14. HEY what did your last slave die of? Im not your mother, wife or girlfriend who will cater to your every whim. See that word SEARCH up the top there ^^^^^ try something new & see what it does.
  15. Correct but they need to be running a significant amount of time like 20 minutes or more before they start charging. so as Dante said a couple of short trips down to the shops is gonna deplete your battery rather than recharge it. other things that could deplete your battery trying to start the bike, when something else is wrong. eg. carbies flooded, also if you have an alarm system installed that will deplete your battery more. If you don't ride everyday, the battery may deplete itself if you leave it for a few days. (shouldn't happen if your battery is fairly new)

    A $10 multimeter from D!ck Smith will let you check your battery's charge. If it's still holding a decent charge then maybe a battery charger will be good to have handy. I bought one recently for $50. But pretty useless if you get a new battery. unless you have other batteries to charge... like a boat, car, remote devices etc. most batteries these day's are maintenance free, as in you can't top up the water/acid levels.

    You must have only bought your bike a few months ago being on your L's, perhaps call up your dealer and ask when if there was a new battery installed. A new battery should cost you around $60 or so depending on model. The better brand ones will cost up to 3x the price. So it's worth finding out if you need to replace or to recharge.
  16. Check your battery before buying another 1.
    Maybe all you need is spark plugs but now drained battery trying to start it. Do you ride your bike much? if not what do you do when not riding.. do you start up for a quick burst and then stop.
    If that sounds like what you do then stop and buy a smart charger. This thing attaches to your terminals and leaves plug hanging out under fairings. connect after a week of not riding and it will auto charge and turn off when not needed.
    Im no mechanic so please ask around but i found my cousin was having issues with his 250 after short warm ups. he thought he was charging battery up to last another week of not riding but he was going through spark plugs (running rich with choke on) and remember, the oil hasnt even gotten up to temperature and he would shut it down again.
    Good luck, i know it sucks when your ride wont ride
  17. I eventually went with the smart charger option- it cost me $50.

    Plugged it in for a few hours and now my bike starts first time every time!

    Thanks for all the quick help I received regarding this! Its great to be able to ride again :)
  18. Very professional my friend.. I think I am starting to get this problem.. When I press the starter... it goes "click" and that's it... but after a few more go... it will try to start for about 10 seconds before a successful one.. Time to change the battery..
  19. What happens if the fluids in the battery do overflow as a result of a dropped bike? How do you go about fixing this?