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My bike won't go 1km more, no matter how far I ride it

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by backmarker, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Yes, my gsx750f has reached 99,999km!

    My problem is, no matter how much further I ride it, the odometer will not change. I had hoped to get it to around 12km and sell it as a pristine, low km bike for lots of money, but I fear that option may no longer be available to me. The pristine bit was always going to be a problem, anyway.

    So, what do I do? Do I:

    a) Keep riding it safe in the knowledge that I never need service it again, given that I'll never make the next service interval?

    b) Offer it to a museum somewhere, as it is clear that Suzuki never intended this model to achieve such high distances, and therefore it must be of fascination to thousands?

    c) Assume that given I never achieve any distance, I can no longer be regarded as having any speed whatsoever, and therefore ride however I like wherever I like safe in the knowledge that I have the perfect argument to use in court?

    d) Sue Suzuki for preventing me from selling my high km bike fraudulently as a low km bike in the best Aussie tradition, receive a large payment from them and retire somewhere sunny and beach-like?
  2. That's impressive. Have you had it since it was born or did you adopt it later?

    What's been replaced in that time, or what hasn't?
  3. i had one of these, bullet proof engines thing goes n goes. just keep riding it for another 10 years
  4. Nice to know.
  5. I've only had it for two years and 20 000km and I don't know it's history. I bought it at auction as a repairable write off, fixed it (all easy stuff from a low side) and registered it. It's my everyday commuter, but more importantly my sanity. For example, last week was shit, did 200km early Sunday am and the world has been good since.
    The bike is very standard, but is still also strong. Mind you, there is quite a bit of cam chain noise (?) when cold.
    I don't know of any major work done, but I suspect not much. I have put braided lines on, new chain and sprockets (shock! Horror!) and the front brakes are about to have a caliper kit to freshen things up a tad.
    By the way, there was a serious point to all this: anyone have any idea how to get the odometer to start ticking again? It would be the easiest way to know when servicing is due!
  6. sounds like a cluster gear has chewed out
    maybe open the dash case and pull shit apart to figure it out??
  7. I can't imagine that's it. It's an electronic odo and I think it would be too much of a coincidence that it stopped right on 99 999. I know that it's a little conspiratorial, but I think that the Suzuki designers intended this to achieve their nefarious purposes, whatever they may be...
  8. jeez if it's an electronic odo you'd think it would just go up to 100,000. or has it got an analogous display?
  9. If you arent going to ride it for a few days pull the battery and see if it resets to zero?
  10. You have now entered the twilight zone, the bike will never need servicing, never require fuel or oil, tyres will never wear out and it will run forever. You are the Motorcycle equivalent of the Flying Dutchman fated to ride the roads for ever only to stop once every seventh year to seek a woman who will love you. Good Luck my mystical friend.
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  11. try the gsx forums, there's probably a relatively easy way to reset it
  12. Y2k bug. Time stopped, speed is no longer relative, and mother in laws are great people. We are all gonna die.
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  13. Hey, sounds kinda cool, except for the idea of sex only every seven years, and then only potentially...

    Sounds not quite so cool.
  14. Oh, and after further extensive experimentation (ie I rode to work this morning) I can now conclusively report that the trip meter is also frozen.
  15. :-k The return of the millenium bug mebbe?
  16. Smear some Cheetah blood on it & do a little dance in an anti clockwise fashion.
    If you can't find Cheetah blood, a young member of the Felis Catus family may also work, but it will need to sacrificed to the Road Gods in the correct manner (which may be tricky without a working speedo...) consult your road bible for how to.

    Hope that helps.
  17. Getting the cheetah blood is no problems, but the little dance thng - I mean, I only dance BIG!

    Again, I'm all for the sacrifice of anything felis catus, and indeed had a great time slaying kittens on Sunday morning. However, if I read this right, the sacrifice requires two chainsaws, one 100mph wheelie and three members of the Pedestrian Council of Australia. I've found one member, but apparently Harold doesn't know of any others...
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  18. I don't care if it helps your speedo or not, but please hurry up and take to Scruby with that chainsaw!
  19. If it's anything like the Honda electronic speedo/odo, it's new speedo time. Unless you can find someone who can reflash it. Dunno:confused:
  20. How long are engines suppoused to last??