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my bike winding road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by HANDSY, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. i made it and took a pic to prove it. lol

  2. Did you take a picture 'after' the 10km winding road??
  3. that was after?
    rode up it, did a u turn and saw the sign so had to stop.
  4. Good effort then ... is this around your area?
  5. On ya Handsy.. well done!!
  6. mate....

    i have a road for you.

    i dont recall the exact number, but the same sign, said something like
    pissed off i didnt have my camera hahaha.
    good fun ride it is :grin:
  7. my little cbr250rr would prob run out of petrol before i reach the end haha.
    ill aim at somewhere in between for my attempt haha
    going out tomorrow.
    that was myers creek rd so when i get to the top i might go back down whatever the other road is that turns off at the toolanghi tavern.
  8. Well Done Handsy !!

    Robin: That's one MAJOR twisty :shock:
  9. Did that road 5 days ago, absolute hoot! Best ride i've ever experienced, first stretch of dirt was interesting on the Blade though :p Looking forward to the return trip!!