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My bike will not idle, now not starting.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bonkerrs, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Argh! I just spent $250 on the bloody thing a few months ago to get it fixed. The choke didn't work so had heaps of troubles starting it on really cold days. Then it was all good till now...

    I jumped on it on NYE to go for a ride and this is what happened:
    First it started up but would not idle on its own... tried with choke on, choke at half and no choke. I noticed it was revving rough, not the usual sound and vibration. Every time I let go off the throttle it would cut out. I did this a few times. Oh and it back fired twice during this time. After a few times of cutting out it eventually stopped to start at all.

    I tried a couple of things. I turned the fuel knob to 'res' then tried 'pri', both with no result.

    I will take it to the mechanics but thought to ask here first. Is there anything else I can try to get it to start? Does anyone know what are some possible causes for this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Ta! Ben
  2. Bad fuel
    Ps bike model is always helpful
  3. Ta smee. Will look into flushing.

    Model was included as an edit!
  4. Sounds exactly like my problem a few months back, was bad water filled fuel, tank drained and carbies flushed, plus a new fuel filter and it was running fine
  5. It wont be your plugs, but if you look at them they are a good diagnostic tool. Is it fuel, air or spark sort of thing. Draining the tank is easy. Always check your air filter. (road riders never do) And spark is easy...or painful lol.
    After that it gets a bit technical.
  6. ...check the spark BEFORE draining the tank...outdoors, with the fuel cap closed.
  7. Can I get more details (why)?
  8. BOOM would be the most logical reason
  9. The old suck, bang and blow. That's how a motor works.
    Your plugs should look dry and a browny tan colour.
    If they look like that but are wet. It could be you picked up some water (fuel floats above water) or the plugs have given up, or the gap is wrong.
    If they are black and sooty you have not cleaned your air filter. Naughty, the best way to wreck a motor. Dirt riders do it after every ride. Roadies....well mostly never. Not good. Well that or your mixture is out.
    If they are black and gooey/greasy/oily. Then the problem is not going to be an easy fix.
    To check the spark make sure you have no fuel around and yes the tank is closed. If you have a fuel cock close it. Pull the plug out and lay it across the head and turn it over. You will need the spark plug lead connected to it. You should see the spark or at least hear it. Having a mate around to help is a big plus.
    Anyway as you said you just has someone work on it. If the plugs come out black and sooty and they just repaired you choke mmm I would be asking a please explain form them.
  10. Just wanted to update on this... and ask how this sounds

    Mechanic said low battery voltage caused the plug to not be normal (sorry I couldn't remember what he said it was with the plug). Basically, all he did was check then change the plug for the bike to start and idle properly.

    Costed me $61. Don't mind that but wanted to make sure that it sounds like a reasonable cause to you more mechanically minded guys.