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My bike was just run over!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, May 9, 2007.

  1. Woo Hoo!
    Now I can get that fairing damage fixed w/o paying for it!

    Haha, seriously though I went into cardiac arrest when I saw it happen. An off duty taxi driver was reversing out of a car space while I was beside my bike and then stopped, giving me just enough space to move. I had my doubts as to whether or not he knew the bike was there being a 4WD, but figured I was right there if anything was to happen and I hedged against the guy having seen me. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured he was going to then move forward - instead, as I walked onto the kerb to talk to a mate he just slaps it back into reverse and ploughs straight over it. Damage is minor.

    Broken blinker, scraped side mirror (maybe bent), damaged fairings, scraped exhaust, broken rear break pedal.

    End verdict:
    Thank God I was there.

    Is there anything we can do to protect our bikes against this sort of activity? My gripe is that I can't always be standing around my bike!
  2. Step one...
    Shoot All Taxi Drivers! [​IMG]
  3. Obviously. Don't park behind 4WDs :LOL:

    You are luck you were there, though. As he was a yellow bastard, I doubt he would have stopped.
  4. Funny thing is when I first parked, I knew the guy parked on the right hand side and thought I stood a better chance parking further away from him - additionally, if I had parked any closer to the guy on the right of my bike it would have hit his car when it fell.

    White and Silver in Sydney mostly. :D
  5. meh...same breed, diff stripes.

  6. +1

    Two different taxi drivers nearly killed me today, both within a minute of each other, and both on macquarie street. And of course, both were caused by random and sudden movement to pick up fares, luckily I expected it because they were after all, taxi drivers.
  7. That's bad news. Taxis are bad news no matter what you're driving or riding, in fact they're not even safe to be inside of. What are they good for again?
  8. Taxi's and their drivers are pure vermon. I reckon if you weren't standing there the filthy little prick would have just driven off in the hope nobody came looking for him later.

    Your duty now is to ream every last possible cent +20% out of him, just as taxi drivers and owners do if you hit them and are at fault. Claim everything and then some, and fabricate the extent of the damage by 100% and also claim for things that you won't even repair.
  9. taxi driver and a 4x4?

    vot ver you thinking?

    i know, you wanted to get your fairing fixed. good work.

    hope your ok after that heart attack.
  10. Haha, yeah, maybe I was hedging FOR him hitting it :LOL:
    I am okay, it was the idea of him driving off that kept me on my feet.

    The girl in the office who witnessed it said she thought I was going to punch the passenger side window in. I was so furious I had the shakes.
  11. that would av quashed your happy ending!
  12. Getting you back home to your bed after a night out on the turps :p

    Glad to hear you are getting your bike fixed free.... Sorry to hear about that almost heart attack :)
  13. Hey fellas,

    so there are a few scratches on my chrome exhaust can and what I think may possibly a dent (it's hard to say) - is this repairable or must it be replaced? And if it is repairable, to what extent of damage would I need for it to be unrepairable? I'm just curious because I want to prepare myself for the worst. You know, incase it needs to be replaced and the only thing they have lying around is a Sports exhaust.
    ...I really don't know how it works...
  14. Replace everything if possible, bugger off that repair nonsense.

    Also claim a service just in case there is any mechanical damage.
  15. Im glad I am a taxi driver....

    And I ride a bike....

    Want me to recall how many idiotic things bikers have done that ive seen....list will go on along time, also do all you riders who bag taxi drivers never get cut off by, cars, trucks, other bikers etc?

    You are all a bunch of Hypocritical morons, some of us have spotless records because we can actually drive, and yes some taxi drivers are real wanks who cannot drive to save themselves, I too get cut off by taxis, in my Taxi..

    But until they change the system off how a driver is paid, weird shits going to happen...
  16. I WAS a taxi driver. But I got better :) :p
  17. Well you're obviously not the taxi driver that made a left turn from the right hand lane in front of me this morning in Exhibition Street (without indicating) :roll:

    And I doubt you're the taxi driver who deliberately moved across to block the scooter filtering through traffic outside the cemetary in Lygon Street yesterday.

    And I also suspect you're not the taxi driver who came down a one way street the wrong way near my place in Brunswick last night and expected me to reverse (on the bike) because there wasn't room to get past. :evil:
    ( I won that one)

    And I doubt that you're the cabbie this morning who ran the red light on the corner of Lygon and Grattan who almost cleaned up a cyclist (who had actually waited for the lights to change before moving).

    And I'm certain that you're not the cab driver who said to my wife the other week when she asked to go to the Royal Women's Hospital - "where's that?" and when she said "Carlton" he didn't know where that was either!

    I guess this puts you very much in the minority. And no, I was always reasonably well disposed towards taxi drivers till recent years - my late father-in-law owned cabs and my several of my inlaws drove - as did many guys I knew as students. In the past few years though I'd happily agree with the sentiments above.
  18. Yeah yeah , wah wah. Taxi drivers are "proffesional drivers", they get paid to drive. Same as truckies, and yes, you expect "proffesional drivers" to show a bit of proffesionalism while on the road.
    If you dont like how you get paid it's simple, GET A DIFFERENT JOB.

    But yes, not all taxi drivers are useless and generalisation is not a good thing
  19. Tony. I think the change in cabby skills probably relates to the difficulty in actually keeping a licence in melbourne if you drive those hours in the city. And that their are less stressfull jobs. (For example being a network admin for a 200 computer network) So you run out of experienced people pretty quicky.

    Except for those few who love it. People with no family and poor sex lifes in the main I suspect :p Certainly that was me for a bit.

    Inexperienced people are inexperienced. And some r stupid. And the culture certainly does not encourage careful driving. Its not good. I think the skill levels are way lower than they used to be. You could always expect a cab to do a U turn anywhere. But they used to actually have a gap, maybe not a big one but a gap anyway. But now the owners have figured out how to make money even from a crashed car, the owners are not really culling out the bad drivers. And neither are we. I did my bit, I culled out one of the good ones. :p
  20. I went for a ride with a learner the other night, and a taxi decided he would move into her lane going through an intersection. As she was slightly in front I would have thought he would see her. Instead he heard me :wink: