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My bike, then and now

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by grey342, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, been a while.. little update then about the bike.
    Oh and I got my P's late last year.

    Just going to show the bike in a few pictures from when I bought it, to now.

    first day. (Dropped it not long after .. aha -.-)

    Couple months later (painted rear, bar ends, exhaust)

    Ride with my dad last year. with the big L's on still

    But wait.. theirs more!
  2. Looks much better with the rear painted black. I had the same tank pad on my VTR250 (y)
  3. since my tank was busted pretty bad and starting to rust, my dad saved the day with his keen eye on eBay.

    new tank.


    hand crafted vinyl wrap fuel lid cover.. thanks to my dodgy craftsmanship

    and tank pad protector.. as usual haha

    and lastly my good mirrors! and this is the little beast :D 9.

    I'll try and get a few better photo's whenever I can be bothered but for now! here she is.

    Last thing I'm adding is some yellow rim tape '2 pieces' not full circle' just to compliment the shock and other bits of yellow around the engine. then She's pretty much set!

    Cheers, missed the last post though >.< aha!
  4. Looks good with the silver tank. Good eBay find, I've been looking for a decent VTR tank for a while without success.
  5. Nice work mate - very unique VTR you have there

  6. Cheers, yeah they're a pain to find, luck of the draw I guess, went to a local wreckers a couple of months back and they had at least 5 tanks, all just as bad as mine though!

    good luck in your search sir, hope one pops up for you soon! :)

  7. Thanks man! I'm wrapped with her, couldn't be happier!