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My Bike Sucks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Prime, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. haha its true, I got screwed when I bought it, and I left it ages to do anything about it, and Im too poor to try to fix it heh

    Its not very quick, no matter how much I rev the beejesus out of it it wont go much over 80km, its a honda cbx250, I seen posties on 110s go faster than me, im to afraid to lanesplit coz I dont have the pickup, so I just cruise along...My speedo just died, this is my first bike ever hehe.

    Positive note, it costs about 10bucks to fill and i get 250ks or so out of a tank.

    Ok sorry about the moan i felt i needed to...I have owned the bike at least 4 mths. I do feel better about moaning tho heh
  2. You might not be able to fix it, but if you could get a service I'm sure you should be able to sort out some of these issues; it probably needs a new air cleaner and plugs at least......
  3. ^^Gotta agree here. The CBX250 isn't a really bad bike when it's looked after. Sure they are slower then your average 4 pot screamer that you see around the streets these days but it's a honda which means the engine is unbreakable :grin:

    I've ridden one before and while it was no eye opener it certainly could zip up the mountain with a decent amount of pace. Take it along to your local bike doctor and that should solve some of your problems.
  4. Yeah that bike sounds a bit sick bro, get to work on it. You have a fully functioning POS right there to get the spanners out on and have a ball!
  5. Have to disagree with that. Honda's single cylinder 250 road bikes (the old CB250rs and the CBX250) are famously short lived. They have a very small sump, and you really need to change the oil every 1500-1600km. Any longer and you end up with a screwed top end very quickly.

    If the oil is changed frequently, they do offer a good life span, and very nice performance, but there wouldn't be too many around that have been looked after anymore.

    I'd say ditch it prime- to really get decent performance back it probally needs a top end rebuild, which is not worth the effort.
  6. Prime, don't let this get you down, I'm glad we could help and now you feel better after venting. But just stick with it. Trust me its all worth it. :)
  7. yeah, i suggest a service. if its getting good economy there cant be anything to bad with it......
  8. My bike had a broken rocker when I bought it. The speedo cable fell out the first day, and I had to replace the tail/brake light less than a week later.

    Take it to a mechanic and tell them what is happening.
  9. if you are too poor for a mechanic maybe try some nulon in the next tank of petrol?
  10. its def the air filter , same thing happen to my postie lost all speed , it was the air filter and someting else , there pretti cheap to replace
  11. I did replace the filter when I bought it, what about plugs do they make alot of difference, if It is something i can do myself im happy to try..
  12. Take a half glass full attitude. If it's so crap then you wont have a problem dropping it.
  13. My mum's CBX is a good little bike. Just 'cos you buy a cheap bike doesn't mean you shouldn't look after it :wink: .If its important enough (i.e. you like your life), you'll save the couple of hundred to get it looked at/serviced. It shouldn't cost much.

    BTW....replacing speedo cables is easy.
  14. Yeah ill try my best...
  15. Prime dude, how much do you weigh? the best way to boost performance is to reduce the weight factor, also, stop putting diesel in the tank.

    seriously, if you are a little short on cash, see if the Vic netriders are holding a Spannah Day like I see some of the guys here in NSW do. your carbie may need a rebuild/clean (if you have one, not f/inj I presume), needle and seat could be gummed up with crap from bad fuel, try the new filter and maybe some new plugs, the Nulon is a good idea though be careful how much of these fuel additives you put in a bike tank as often the 'single-dose' is for a car's petrol tank and may not mix in the correct ratio and cause additional problems, how old is your battery - do you have starting probs or have a weak headlight - if so you may have electrical problems which could give you less power.

    don't despair! riding is the best form of transport. remember - it's not about the bike. if you have a friendly mechanic have a chat to him, he may be able to give you some advice.

    good luck man - let us know how you go!
  16. dude its all good
    dont stress that u dont have a fast 250...
    it makes upgrading soo much more appealing and worthwhile
    so just save and keep saving and when u get that upgrade u will be smiling ear to ear
    :grin: :grin:
  17. Yep I feel ya. I got screwed on my RGV, chin up son you can always learn from your mistakes.
  18. My ZXR 250 was a dog when I bought it, and I even managed to lay it on it's side after a few days. But I spent a little money and did a lot of work on it myself and it's been great. If you don't have a good idea about what you're doing most bike shops will give you an idea.