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my bike, stolen or towed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sbb, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. hi,

    anyone had a bike towed for parking infringements?

    or am i being super optimistic

    bike disappeared off the street this morning (between 10.30 and about 11.00)

    lots of bikes around here normally parked all day and never hassled with the 2 hour limit. one was right near mine today. (nine normally in secure parking).

    so anyone know of towing in leichhardt? sydney? .. or has it been stolen like i suspect (and have reported)?

  2. Report it stolen.

    Ask police to check towing records also.

    Reminds me if a guy I know of who reported his car stolen when he couldn't find it.

    He found it a month later two streets away. Unharmed. " oohhh that's where I parked it.

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  3. If it was just a 2hr limit it wouldn't have been towed. They only do that when it becomes an obstruction (ie you've parked in a bus lane, etc).

    Unlucky. What sort of bike was it.
  4. yeah ..

    a mate mentioned he knew someone who thought their bike was stolen but was towed .. so helped get hopes up .. turned out it was in UK.

    have walked down the street sooo many times thinking, maybe I just parked it somewhere further .. plus around all the streets nearby in case it had been just shifted around a corner by someone.

    but yeah .. it is gone.

    is a Suzuki DRZ-SM .. pride and joy.

  5. This thread is suspicisly like your other thread.

    I hope you haven't lost two bikes. I also wish them a speedy return.
  6. It is

    can the mod of the Stolen Bike register please merge the two threads, I can Mod GD but not Stolen....?
  7. yeah .. i posted it in the other space first, then realised it should probably be here.

    but now this thread can close down .. as looks pretty certain now like it sits in the stolen bike bit.

  8. Will do, thanks, sbb, and sorry about your bike going walkabaout, thankfully you are insured, but that doesn't make it feel any better, I know
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.