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My Bike Photography

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dkabab, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. shot two of my mates bikes at the one location.... here are a couple of the pics.
    first is a Hyosung GT250R and then the Suzuki GSX-R600






  2. nice pics :)
  3. Nice exposures but learn to read the back/foregrounds.

    Large rocks in the corner of the shots and a cricket bat in the background are distracting. Keep an eye out for intersecting lines too.

    Keep at it.
  4. cricket bat? oh no thats part of the railing there....

    cheers. im not used to photographing bikes, used to shooting cars
  5. We all love doing that.
  6. They're some really nice pics mate. Care to share what camera gear you used?
  7. The EXIF data says...........................

    Nothing, it's been stripped.
  8. for those shots i used my Nikon D200 with the 18-200 vr lens and 70-200 for a couple of the shots (not all are there)
  9. Noice photies, but can you edit your post, so that there are only 5 piccies in in, as per the t and c,s.

    Thanx bloke.
  10. no problems... just for clarification. the 5pic thing is per post or per thread? no problems with the rule, just curious on clarification. the T&C thread was a bit vague.

  11. Surely the worst thing about the photo's is that big yellow thing.
  12. Oh look, It's a Why-so-hung, I didn't even notice it :p
  13. i appreciate the pointers... that said it was and industrial themed look, so i wasnt focused on it being so clean. usually i would tidy up the surroundings
  14. Understand. I am very critical of pics, I used to photograph weddings.
    And because you generally only get one shot at it, attention to detail is paramount.

    Artifacts in a photo can ruin it.

    Most of the "industrial stuff" I can handle, but you need to stare at the pic and see if your eye is drawn away from the main subject.

    In all 5 pics, this was the case and the view is distracted.

    The photo of the GSXR front on appears to have a luggage rack attached to the seat ;)
    Almost as effective as some photographers that have branches growing out of people's heads ;)
  15. The thing is, someone posts pics and says 'enjoy' and there are enough really good photographers here who will then critique those shots.

    On a positive note, I really like the exposures, the overall composition and the shot with the bike mirrored in the puddle (is that a metaphor going on there?) is really good.

    But it's all subjective and everyone has their own take on what constitutes a perfect shot.

    Pity about the Hyo though, that'd take a hell of a lot of photo-shopping to remove.:)
  16. Nice pics !

    :shock: I guess you had too many mates?
  17. Great shots!
  18. Good shots but you need to play with your depth of field and rule of thirds.
  19. :rofl:
  20. Nice clean shots, but the biggest thing is that there is too much depth of field, taking away the focus of the photo from the bike into the background.

    You need to shoot with a longer focal length and a wider aperture to blur the background out so that the bike is the most important thing in the photo.

    This might give you a better idea of what I'm talking about - a shoot of my bike I did a few weeks ago: