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my bike or theirs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by countrycruiser V6, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. G'day all, I'm going for my P's on wednesday. Doing the half day coarse.
    I'm trying to decide wether to do it on my bike or one of theirs. what are your thoughts. I ride a virago, they have them there as well but they changed the bars to the straight drag type, or I could use the same type I did my L's on which was a road/trail bike. I'm leaning towards using one of theirs. thanks

  2. Simple answer, use the bike they give you because if you drop it, the cost is Zero.
  3. definatley on theirs.... if you drop it you dont have to do a thing but if you do use your baby and drop it could you live with yourself knowing you could have used theirs?
  4. What a crock. Do it on your bike. You know that bike, and that will make the test a breeze.
    If you're still dropping the bike, you aren't ready for the test, any of you!
    I've NEVER dropped the bike whilst moving...putting it on the stand twice only.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. A quick call to the RTA about their (Stay Upright)policy would sort that out if that is what they are pushing. I don't think they can do that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I dunno, I thought Stay Up Right had to follow up in a respected manner , but also have to set their own policy's and guidelines.

    This is was said:

    Me: why are there 8 soon-to-be P platers using your bikes?

    He: Because of Insurance Issues

    Edit: I noticed you're in NSW, it would be different there I'd say (RTA = Vicroads .. here :p)
  7. If your'v got the choice, do it on your bike. It will take you more then just that day to get used to there bikes, when you already (should) know how your bike performs and handles.
    Do you get a discount if you use your own bike? because you used to get like $50 off in Tassie if you used your own , think you still do.
  8. I think I will use their bike, going to drive cage there and use the road/trails they have. I used one doing my L's and they are very easy to get used to and ride. Besides if i lockup the back end doing emergency stop i'm not wearing out my bike. I know there is no diference in price by using my wheels so I may as well use theirs. thanks all
  9. when i did my test (on my own GPX 250) i could my clutch get slacker as the day went on due to slipping the clutch all day.

    if you can afford it, get one of theirs
  10. ditto.

    doit and ward_4e... those comments scare me. you guys require a more positive outlook. :roll:
  11. Use your own bike if you can. But the slow weaving through the witches hats will be harder for you because of the long wheel base of the virago. It will be a little easier if you use one of their CB250's.

    The main thing is practise. It's nearly all slow speed skills, so go practise in a car park somewhere tilll you can confidently weave slowly without putting your foot down. Tootling around at 80 kph will not help you pass the test.
  12. If it were me Ill use my bike since I more used to my bike than theirs but if I dont get discounts for uaing my bike Im considering using their bike. Eventhoguh Im not very used to theirs but I should be able to get used enough to the bike to pass the test.
  13. Someone on these forums passed on a big cruiser, I passed on a Z 650, which although not as long as a cruiser, is plenty wide, probably wider across the engine than any LAMS cruiser.
    Again, you know your own bike, and early on in your riding is not the time to be changing bikes if you want to ride well.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. the reason companies push for the use of their own bikes is because it removes a massive grey area should you have some kind of structural failure, or mechanical failure possibly causing injury whilst under their instruction.

    they (well they are meant to) know that their bikes are fault-free.
  15. I understand that, but I wonder how the companies using the Chinese Zongshen bikes, with no Australian compliance, get around that on public roads? :-k
    It's not that much of a grey area anyway, I signed an agreement stating I was fully responsible for my bike and actions on public roads, and therefore, my insurance would cover it. I also agreed that my bike was sound and it was inspected by them.
    When on the road ride, you are not under instruction.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. yeah, dunno, dunno re insurance, i was only speaking as we have this issue with truck drivers etc. etc.

    but, no joke, at tarago servo there is a zongshen motard with aus compliance and rego. i saw it last week and was thinking WTF???
    it looked the part from a distance but on close inspection you could see the lack of QA