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MY BIKE LIVES - being used in a ebay scam again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Okay - many of you remember my bike ( 1999 R1)

    you also know that it was sold then stolen from new owner and then recovered and auctioned as a repairable write off.

    You also know it was sold once to a guy who got ripped off and scammed as they used the pictures in an advert on gum tree in Melbourne and the guys money ( $3700 ) went to a scammer in UK via western union

    Well the scam is happening again on ebay and they are using the same pictures of my bike as well as my exact wording in the advert - basically they are running my advert again


    I have reported it to ebay as "Stolen goods "
  2. I think we should all send questions and ask stuff about it see what the scammer replies with
  3. $90,000 BID ANYONE? hehehehe
  4. hhheheheh good idea
  5. Lol 1 bid poor sucker

    Lol wtf

    Lets all bid on it

    Was there a steering dampner on it i can see anything

    Mmm never reved past 6grand mmm not sure about that

  6. Yes the dampner was on it - but not on top of the tree
    yes I never reved it past 6 grand

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  7. You must just troll the net looking for your bike ML :p.
    I wouldnt donkey bid, never know whether ebay will listen or not (95% not).
  8. I sent an email

    HI there

    I have a few questions

    Has this bike ever been dropped or in an accident ?
    Are the carbies re-jetted to match the exhaust ?
    Does it have an aftermarket air filter ?
    Can you tell me what city you are in so I can see and inspect the bike.
    Thank you

    Maybe we should all SPAM this guy with nonsense questions

    and Messy -- I was looking on ebay for a replacement R1 as off my restrictions in 17 days
  9. jjust sent them this question

    Hi, I'm very interested in your bike. Can you please let me know if there is any finance owing on the bike and has the bike ever been involved in an accident.
    Can you also give me the rego number or VIN number so I can do an online check.
    Where are you located??

    Lets see what they come back with.
  10. I also sent this question

    Another question I want to ask

    Is this Casey Stoners old bike ?

    - because I have read magazine articles where he had one EXACTLY like this that with all the same stuff on it - it was the first 1 litre bike his dad bought for him.
  11. ?????
  12. I have been riding that R1 since i got my L plates in Aus

    sold it in June was stolen from the new owner in July recovered and auctioned off in August

    it was my first bike I owned

    ( i used to ride bikes in Africa in the bush dodging hippos and jumping over crocs etc )
  13. You were riding an R1 on your L's?
  14. Yes but I didnt display the L plates :)
  15. Ah, so that's why you were Captain Slow :)
  16. 100 % correct - so not to get busted
  17. I sent him a msg......

    Hey there, looks like a great deal..... Im currently out at sea in the persian gulf working on an oil rig..... will you take pay pal ?? if so, I am willing to offer $1000 above the highest bid.....

    AS IF !!! scammer, just so you know, a lot of people are onto you ****er.

  18. Lol this is some funny sh!t
  19. Sale has been removed.
  20. ahhh bugger wanted to have some more fun