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my bike its-a-fixa

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyro_02, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. hehe i can official pronounce it, it is fixed ! i think that is all i need done for a RWC.

    Two weeks ago, I gave Drew from Rolling MC a call, yesterday he came and put new gasket on... AND fitted new mirrors :D

    whilst he was taking the head off, he .. noticed my tappet nut was missing.. he goes diving in to the top end with a screw driver and finally pulls what use to be a tappet nut.. it was munched up a little bit... but we got half of it out.

    We go to a few places but none has the nut in stock..... he puts my engine back together .. and tells me to order in a tappet nut . i went to advantage motorcycles and ordered the tappet nut(yesterday.) arrived today... fitted it... now the engine is not as loud as the exhaust THANK GOD!!! THANK YOU.

    I ran the engine for 30 minutes, no sign of leakages even with 2 stripped bolts, mind you, the old gasket was NACKERED, it had seen better days. :)

    Before I cranked it over.. i was shitting dacks cause i thought i might've forgot somthing or something just doesn't want me running the bike!! not 5 minutes after it was running, i smelt and seen smoke coming from the bottom of the engine... but it clicked to me that it was probably the spray drew put on when he fitted the new gasket where he cleaned the engine up a bit... and probably just a bit of over spay..

    I was thinking about kissing the bike engine, but 30 minutes of running would mean i have no lips left. I will kiss it before i go to bed :p

    I just need to change the oil (bit dirty...)

    1 step closer to being on the road, yeeeehaaaaa

    thanks for reading my extremely exciting story,

  2. youre not alone in shitting dacks... I know the feeling. When you have a bolt leftover, or you find a part a few weeks later, you get the shudders.... I hate it. Oh well, good to hear you'll be on the road soon. Good luck. At least your bike has a rep for being pretty bulletproof.
  3. good stuff
  4. Gday,

    Just wanted to ask what Drew was like? Affordable?

  5. Drew does good quality work .... it will depend on individual on 'affordable', but my personal opinion, he was affordable from my point of view.
  6. LOL!! so that was why the engine was SO noisy!! In my haste (and being over tyred) I must have not tighten up one of the locking nuts when I did the valve clearances!!

    Leson learned... dont work on a bike unless you have time to do it and you are well rested....