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My bike is sick...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by YammyChick, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. My babey is sick :(

    I fired her up this morning for her first ride in about a month. She started no probs. We had an awesome ride around the beaches, during the ride I thought I heard something like a fan...?(girly guess) I let it go because the bikes performance didn't change any. When I got home, the bike stalled... (good chance because I didn't pull in the clutch in time :oops:) Straight after this I noticed my lights were really dim and I had no panel lights at all. The bike didn't start... Great I though... the battery. I let the bike sit for a number of hours and tried her again, the panel lights were back and the bike turned over but still wouldn't start... (definately battery and a very good chance alternator). My concern is what I think is a soleniod chatter I hear after I hit the ignition switch (again girly guess) :grin: Would this be due to the battery or could something more be wrong? I'll be taking the battery in tomorrow to get it checked and then take it from there. (the Battery is only 8 months old)

    What do ya all think the prognosis might be and any idea what this may cost if it is the alternator?
  2. Yeah, flat battery. The solenoid just won't throw properly if it's not getting enough power.
    Check the battery fluid and give it a charge.

    You can always push start it.
  3. I like simple and cheap answers! Thanx ratrider!!! :grin:
  4. Sounds like major engine problem. Better cut your loses now and sell the bike to me at salvage price. You sound nice so I will pay for the delivery to melbourne :)
  5. Nice try enforcer! :grin: Maybe when I do get my bike to Melb I'll let you come and look at it.....and drool!! :p :p
  6. its because its only got half an engine... :LOL: :LOL: On a serious note definately sounds like battery is kapootski.. :grin:
  7. This maybe a stupid question :oops: , but what is the average life span of an alternator on a bike?
  8. its like the old question, how long is a piece of string?? It could do 100,000 starts and it could only do 1000. When it comes to electrical anything is possible..
  9. They generally last until they stop working. :wink: :LOL:

    Honestly, I don't know. I'd guess it varies somewhat. I wouldn't really worry about it until the battery gets a good charge, then see what it's like. You can test it with a multimeter, but chances are it's fine. Unlike charging a car by driving, the bike is constantly running it's lights, so once the charge is gone, it'd take a seriously long ride to put anything back. :)
  10. Double it's half. :wink: :p
  11. Ita a yamaha and was always sick you just didnt know it :LOL:
  12. If you get the battery recharged (and it's not knackered) and the problem persists there's a possibility the regulator rectifier might be involved. Happened to my lassie's Suzuki and Matt232's fireblade.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, fireblaaaaaaadee.......
  13. My problem was a burnt out stator, the charge level was fine when the bike was cold so all the insrutments etc were getting all the power they needed but once warm there was very little charge being generated even before it got the the alternator or regulator.

    So Battery, regulator, alternator or stator seem like vague possibilities at this stage. I suspose it could be the spark plugs or the coils preventing ingition. But this is all wild conjecture better to talk to someone that actually know what they are on about.
  14. Chances are it is the battery. Wet cell batteries don't like being left for a while, without being charged.

    If you do replace it, see if you can get a sealed type. They are marginally dearer, but last a lot longer (easily twice as long if you're not an everyday rider) and are much more maintenance free.

    Also check your battery terminals are clean and have a good connection.

    Also check water levers.
  15. put a bandaid on it and ring racq because they care