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My bike is fcuking awesome

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Senator17, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. I recently saw a thread called "My bike is Fcuked" so I wanted to start a threat for those that love thier bikes. This thread is meant to encourage you to tell us all what's great about your bike. It's not intended for Trolls and for comments to put down other people and their choice of bike. I don't know if anyone has started a thread like this before, but I have noticed that some threads get very long and it becomes difficult to keep track of where they are up to.

    I'll start by saying that my bike is awesome because it has heaps of power and fantastic low down torque. It hauls arse acdcelerating out of corners, has very nimble handling for it's weight with great brakes and it looks fantastic in it's Candy Burnt Orange colour. It's comfortable on long trips and easily manages 600k in a day without fatigue or cramps. (Of course it could always have done with a larger fuel tank for more range). Overtaking on country roads is effortless and I always arrive home with a huge smile on my face.

    There are faster bikes out there, more comfortable bikes as well as those that handle better or brake better, but the coombination of characteristics suits me perfectly.

    Tell us about your's and what you love about your bike.
  2. I love that my VTR just keeps plugging along no matter how neglected it gets, I can mistreat it, change the oil late, forget to lube the chain and it just keeps going. I love that even though its a 250 it has (some) torque down low so you can be lazy with the gear shifts and shift up early/not shift down. Rode a friends Ninja 300 on Sunday and was left wondering where the low end torque was :p

    As for the R6, I havent ridden it yet but I love how damn good it looks and sounds.
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  3. 675R - the only production reasonably priced bike I know that:

    • gives incredible confidence when riding (and I'm not talking about freeway runs)
    • comes stock will ohlins - absolute confidence anywhere, smooth track or bumpy country roads (I've done some stupid stuff cranked over and it held just unbelievably well)
    • engine - the power is everywhere, just when you need it
    • nimble - feels almost like 250, but goes like a proper supersport
    • easy to ride - nothing to say, it's smooth everywhere
    • commuter - very strange thing for it, but I had to do it for some time. And it was just as easy as 250. Filtering through the smallest gaps, leaving scooters behind was a piece of cake with mirrors folded
    If there would be only one thing about the bike I had to choose from - it would be the suspension.
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  4. Thats because you have a Kawasaki, not that brand from that other thread, which i wont mention otherwise their owners will get sand in their mangina.
  5. I love my GSX650F... it's my first bike in 20 years, it's robust and reliable plus has power to run from the lights.. plus it's silver and blue.
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  6. Senetor saw my beloved VFR750 on Sunday at PITS. It's a great bike, torquey from zero revs, great tour ability, especially with its big tank, and nothing sounds nicer than the gear-driven cams and the Staintune pipe...
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  7. I think my Tuono is awesome because of the V4 exhaust note, especially over 10,000 rpm through an akro pipe.
    The way that v4 delivers it's power is also something that I really love about it.
    I also love that it handles as sharply as any sportsbike I have owned, which is a rare thing in a naked bike, but is a lot more practical than a sportsbike at legal speeds due to the more upright riding position.
    The fact that they aren't a dime a dozen also appeals to me. I have only once seen another when out and about on it.
    Did I mention the exhaust note?
  8. My new motard is awesome, 130kgs, 50hp. What more do you need?
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  9. Depends what you're into.
  10. Ok it wont carry a pillion. They wouldnt stay on though
  11. My bike is far from perfect. There are multitudes of bikes that are magnitudes of greatness better than it.

    But the difference between them and my Bandit is that I own the Bandit.

    It cost me not very much to buy new compared with the other bikes I was looking at. 12599 on the road ride away with ventura rack and bag.

    I costs me not a lot to maintain and insure, yes the rego is a bit high because it just fits in to the expensive catergory of cc's.

    My pillions like it and given I carry a pillion regularly this is important to me.

    I have ridden countless bikes since buying the Bandit and only one has made me regret my purchase - at that time - I don't think I'd still have a Tuono after 86,000km (it would be more but single income for much of the time doesn't leave much in the coffers for pleasure riding).

    Of the other bikes I've ridden I would say that there are a number of bikes that I would consider if I HAD to replace the Bandit.
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    Out of interest, which version Tuono @b12mick@b12mick?
    I rode a gen 1 rotax engined Tuono 8 years ago and thought it was awesome (would have bought one if I was shopping for a bike at the time) and I liked the V4 version enough to buy a left over 2013 model earlier this year.
    Never got the chance to try the post rotax engined twin, athough I really liked the look of it.
  13. It was the 2002 model. My wife was working for the local HD/Buell dealer who also picked up the Aprilia dealership 2 months after I bought the Bandit.

    I loved it, I thought it was absolutely brilliant, best bike I'd ever ridden. I managed to 'test ride' their demo bike a number of times.

    I learned that day never to ride a bike you can't afford to buy.
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  14. My bike is fcuking AWESOME, when its not fcuked
  15. My Hayabusa is awesome because it's big, comfortable and ballsy as f!ck...

    My SM610 is awesome because it's literally the opposite in every possible way 8)
  16. My xjr1300 is fcuking great, plenty of grunt and great through the hills.

    However, my DR650 is fcuking awesome!
    It isn't pretty,
    Rides like a tractor,
    Compared to other bikes that are built for a specific purpose, this thing will do everything!
    I am yet to find anywhere that it will not go.
    Best thing is, when l drop it, l don't shed a tear.... cheap & easy to repair.
    The looks l get when l pass other bikes going through the hills, is priceless.
  17. Thats a sweet combo in the busa and tard.
  18. I love my 650 vstrom. I have 2 other bikes in the shed and they hardly get ridden. The vstrom does everything I want and need. I can ride it all day (literally) and when I get to work I just want to ride on past and keep going.
  19. I love my CB500F, even though it's the second road bike that I've ever ridden.

    It's quick, nimble and weighty enough to not get blown out of the lane by cross winds.
  20. I love my V-star 650 Custom, even though it's a LAMS bike..

    Does everything I want and that Vance & Hines rumble makes me smile twice a day. To work in the morning and to home in the evenings. And sometimes on weekends too.