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My bike is fcuked thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by uncle greg, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. about time we had a place to cry when our bikes let us down, Thursday night mine decided it didn't love me anymore and shit it self. Its in the shop now but im not sure it deserves the time and money after leaving me home with my wife. what do you guys recon?

  2. You need to have two bikes UG
  3. better than 2 wives anyways
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  4. Hope it's fixed soon! In the meantime there are plenty of NRs who can pillion you around. :peace:
  5. you offering?
  6. too bloody old for you mate...but if you are desperate....
  7. on our breaks you can enjoy bush sausage
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  8. How badly did it treat you???
  9. very it refused to take me to noogie
  10. Mine was low on petrol this morning when I started it.

    Sorry.... It is all I've got, It's the worst that has happened to me with this bike.....
  11. thirsty is it?
  12. No excuse not to buy 675R now. You'll love it :)
  13. you paying?
  14. Nah, not particularly, just a case of lazy owner forgot to fill it up yesterday.
  15. My bike said it didn't have enough fuel this morning.

    So I took the wife's instead.
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  16. I'm giving the temperamental Italian a time out thanks to a new feature. The fuel injector warning light playing disco on the dash.
  17. Anything like the Coles sausage we had tonight....oh wait.....don't answer that..

    Just been for a ride up to the towers and back. Cooler on the hill and over you way UG. Still warm here.
  18. Maybe you could get a new bike for your wife.... someone might swap :bolt:
  19. Wife swap?@!?
  20. hope u get ur bike back soon and its not an expensive fix :)