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My bike is falling to pieces

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nukleuz, Apr 14, 2014.

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    So I am a commuter on my beautiful ninja 250r 2009 love the bike, however first month I had it, I made a woeful mistake and crashed it onto a curb at low speeds the damage to myself is completely unharmed which is an awesome plus!

    However..... there are many parts of my bike that need replacing including this upper fairing bracket


    A: This is where the bracket is meant to be
    B: This is where the bracket is

    which I have bent one of the bars of which holds the fairing in place with the rest of the bike, also my bike needs a new chain, wheels ($385) a major service ($550) rear brake fluid is leaking from somewhere as it is slowly disappearing, on top of that I need a new right hand side fairing

    So I am stuck with a few options:

    A) Sell the bike get what I can for it (has 9700 kms, 7 Months rego)
    B ) Trade it in hope a dealer takes some money for it
    C) Make an insurance claim (I am 18 so excess is $500 plus)
    D) Repair it!

    I am struggling to find what would be the best option here

    Added Images of bent bar in fairings (click next on imgur)

  2. Your best bet is to repair it to a ridable level and ignore all the cosmetic damage, provided you can live with a few scratches on your bike.
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  3. $500 is less than the damage to the bike..
    insurance claim may get you a whole new bike!! (plus more expensive premiums)
  4. Time to learn to repair ones own damage and servicing.
    Pull off broken bits and take to wreckers, and then come home and replace with old but not so bent bits.
    Do we mean wheels or tyres? Me thunks tyres unless you deliver the mail or jump triples with that thang.
    If your chain has gone the sprockets could be farked as well.
    It's not a sellers market
    Dunno why you all don't get together and learn off each other. It's amazing what you can do with a good manual and a few good heads..............
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    Repair it to rideable and sell it to me in a few months :p

    In my old cage club we had events called 'Tech Days' where a member would organise a barbecue and a bit of space and anyone available would gather to have a few beer and work on the cars together. Usually they were for one larger job and a few small ones depending on turn out.
  6. Given the bike has only 9,700KM on it, it should not need a new chain unless it's suffered serious abuse/neglect. Those alloy wheels are actually pretty tough, did you genuinely manage to break them in a low speed prang? Perhaps I should be asking what you consider "low speed" to mean.
    As for servicing, a bottle of oil, a filter, some gaskets and a workshop manual run to a lot less then $550.
    Also, if the bracket can be bent, it can often be bent back to almost exactly the original position with the judicious application of leverage and touch up paint.
  7. Gets the parts that need replacing at the wreckers or ebay, heaps of 250r parts around. Insurance claim will shoot up your premium.
  8. Nah mate, don't listen to any of these guys. The bike's knackered! Sell it to me for $50... I need a nice little track bike to play with at Broadford... 3:) :p
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  9. Repair it but don't worry about the cosmetics. Mechanical soundness is shitloads cheaper to achieve than shiny spotlessness.
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  10. Option C is misleading.

    When OP says he's 18 years of age with "$500 plus excess", you can safely double that; at least.

    He has excesses, not an excess.

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  11. Go the diy mechanic route and learn about your bike. Saves a heap and gets you a warm glowy feeling inside when you've finished.

    I too have a few excesses. They seem to simmer to the surface after a few too many of my other excesses.
  12. Half repairing it may cause problems if you have another crash where it's not your fault and the bike is written off. They will want to adjust the payout.

    Not saying don't do it just be aware

  13. You also have to consider the flow on effect of loss of no-claim bonus for the next few years.

    On the other side of the ledger is the additional loss of resale compared to a well repaired bike.

    If you replace the chain and do a major service, then that is just a shift in the spend rather than an out and out expense as a result of the accident.

    I'd also like to know what is going on with the wheels. $385 doesn't seem like a lot for replacing two wheels. I'd also wonder if they could be repaired.
  14. For all who are interested, I have decided to repair my girl it will give me a great chance to learn how to pull apart the bike and put it together and what not, aswell as I can keep the bike in better nick and sell it for a reasonable price.

    $375.50 I believe the guy gave me a discount for whatever reason (maybe because I booked in to get new fork seals and rear brake done)

    So I got Pirelli Sport Demon tyres these are highly recommended 130/70-17 for the rear and 110/70-17 the Front was $149.55 and the Rear was $175.95

    and $50 for the fitting he also adjusted my chain for me, speedo and that includes the disposal.

    I might think about updating this thread for other users benefit aswell as my own, on how much and where I got each thing done at and/or how to do it on my travels
  15. :ROFLMAO: You do realise that tyres and wheels are not the same thing?

    So for less than a grand you get two new tyres, a new chain and a major service, and for that you considered selling the bike? You would have lost that in resale if the bike needed it.

    I'm glad to see you've seen the light.
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