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My bike is falling to bits....(might be abit long and borin)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Recently I kinda had to rush to a hospital due to a good friend of mine being hopitalized from an off. I skipped the rest of the days work a rushed out from work. I was just turning out from a small street and fully opended up my throutle and as soon as I did that the cars in front did an emergency stop for no apprent reason. So I just closed the throtle and grabbed the front brakes and I think I looked the front up for a split second and then I got a wobble and hit a pot hole Then I realilized the fairings that was wobbling. I wasnt sure what caused it but it was under heavy braking at the time. I just thought I'll check it when I get to the hospital.

    After that I was pretty much speeding, spliting and filtering (with lots of bits where I just had the throtle full open) all the way to the hospital. I got to the hospital my friend seemed ok. Then I looked at my bike and saw a huge split in my fairing :shock: . Fron the hole where u can see the engine cover right down to the bottom screw hole :shock: . Then after she was settled in hospital I went to do my other job. After I finished work I came out from their place I went through a bad part on the road and heard a big chunk... I didnt know what it was but the handling of the bike felt the same and the sound and all that sound the same. Then I looked down at my gauges and found it was just sitting on the fairing. The instrument bracket gave way.

    It must be a bad day for her (my bike). After riding her quite hard she started falling to bits. I havnt ridden my bike that hard before not even up in the spur or twisties where you continue in pretty much the same speed and take everything smoothly. This was constantly heavy braking, hard accel, dodging traffic and pot holes. The bike performed like I was expecting though but all the cosmetics are not taking it too well.

    After the trip to the hospital I was scaring myself on some of the things I'd just done. Like I wouldnt do that in normal riding. like I wouldnt split on the fwy past cars at 120kph. I wouldnt do that again unless its an emergency.

    I guess ill be slowly repairing my bike bit by bit.
  2. see u coudnt do that in a car
    bikes FTW
  3. Looks like it's gonna be turning into the rolling restoration of a vintage bike... :p
  4. what do you mean 'might'?

  5. It is an old bike after all.
    It could also be a dangerous one.
    Imagine one of them screws come off and go under the tyre and cause a blowout.
    It'll cost ya money to replace! Don't really want that. And you could also have an accident.
    Fixing things could be fun though.
  6. Going off having a 250 which vibrated loose a couple of fairing bolts in it's time...

    Your top fairing relies fairly heavily on support from your side fairings - and also the front bracket.
    If your side fairings are loose or unconnected to the top fairing, this usually results in movement which can bend and fatigue brackets etc.

    You should go over your bike, look for any mounting points or bolts missing and sort them so everything is tidied up, bolted on, and generally sorted.

    ... also be careful: pot-holes are bad.
  7. Lucky you weren't on your way to hospital...........as a patient!
  8. When I got to the hospital I thought "I was way too close to coming here in an ambo...."

  9. Or not at all...
  10. Yeah asif ride like a madman with thoughts of your mate distracting you. Lucky its just the bike thats suffering and you're not next to your buddy in hospital.
  11. ahh buddy
    its time for a new bike.....
    maybe a MT01.... i know u like them haha :LOL: :LOL:
  12. :LOL: ill take ur bike lol
  13. well at least you know there is no fairings to fall off
    just parts of the bike :LOL: :LOL:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Doesn't sound like you're having much luck with that bike :?
    I don't know much about it, but I've heard "plastic welding" mentioned on NR a few times. Maybe that could get you through with the fairing? As for brackets and and other parts, try Victorian Motorcycle wreckers.

    You're really making me realise how fortunate I was with my old 250.
  16. Turn her (your bike) into a street fighter / naked....no fairings no hassles :)
  17. Im thinking about it at the moment....

    I cant figure out a few things though if I do it. Like air intake part(in the and held by the fairing) and will the mirror hold up with just the H-bar...
  18. My friend did some plastic welding on my fairings with a soldering iron. just melted them togetther again, might be an option for u if u got some1 artistic hehehe

    after u weld em jus get a small fibreglass kit n patch it all up so it looks nice again and respray :twisted:
  19. Yeah dude, IMHO that whole thing sounds like an exercise in your lack of thinking.

    So you know you did something silly. So learn from the experience, and try and improve. Riding like youve got a death wish when your on the way to see a friend whos had a bike accident? Seriously man. Like getting there ten minutes later is going to make a big diff unless your friend is actually dying. And your bike should never have gotten to the point that it was falling apart enough to have cracked and broken, so you should try and make a habit of inspecting the bike at least once a week. Use it as a chance to clean it and lube it too, if you have time.

    Im not judging you, or calling you an idiot or anything. Everyone makes mistakes and Ive sure as hell made some shockers. Im just giving you some advice.