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my bike is cutting out help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 4evafit, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. my zzr250 was running all sweet and just recently i filled up a full tank and now the bike is studuring. as ur cruising in any gear it just cuts out and the lights go low and come back quickly. what can this possibely be?


  2. Sounds a lot like dirty fuel, assuming that's all that has happened in your description.
    fuel tap on or on prime?
    Check all possibilities but fuel would be the likely culprit.
  3. tap has res and on. i have it on on. should i try switch it to res?
  4. What fuel did you put in it?
    Was it the kind you use all other times or did you change?
    was it from the same petrol station you usually use?
    Are you riding with the choke on?
    Are you sure there isn't a family of gremlins living in your bike?
  5. No don't put it on res otherwise if you run out of petrol you push it.
    the fuel tap has 2 parts.
    When it is not on reserve the fuel tap does not allow all the tank to drain leaving some in reserve to allow you to then switch it over to reserve and ride to a service station.
  6. no i just want to try it on res and see if it cuts out. i just got my L's and this is the first time i fill up. i got to the petrol station and started filling up unleadead. i wasnt thinking and then asked if i put e10. the guy told me no u put normal unleaded. is this the right fuel or should i put v power? im not sure if the choke is on where is it located on my bike? but the thing is it started cutting out before i put the fuel. thats why i filled up. when i went to fill up i found the tank wasn't empty.
  7. the choke is a lever on your left handle bar, towards you is on, away from you is off... dunno whats causing your problem tho... maybe take it to a mechanic to play with :p
  8. oh ok. but when i pull it to me it dosent stay. is that normal? yesterday i went for a drive and my bike was cutting out again. i took a corner in 2nd and my bike started jumping and carrying on. after that a massive backfire and my bike turned off. i went to start it but no power. i was like damn not now. i checked the battery and the + cable was very loose i tightened it really hard and the bike started up normally. after that i took it around the block and it wasn't cutting out. can that possibly be the problem?
  9. Maybe it could be. But when my battery terminal came loose it played up with all the electrics on the tacho and then evetually just cut the bie out.

    It could be the killswitch connections. They could have gotten water in them and rusted which is causing a bad connecion etc. Heard of this happening before and it causes the situation you describe. So maybe check that. It could get a bit annoying though taking it off and getting everything back togetehr. So do so at your own will.

    That is of course if you have the problem again. you might have fixed it yourself though.
  10. hopefully that was your problem, the connections need to be tight and it might be a good idea to clean them a bit if they have crud on them
  11. thanks alot for everyones help. i dont have the problem anymore it drivesw very nicly now. i just have one last question is it ok to leave my bike in the rain? will it cause rust to the brakes?