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my bike is cursed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. got home yesterday and discovered some bastard (i suspect the owner of my house) had tried to move my bike, with the steering lock on, and damaged it by scraping it along a brick wall on one side and hitting it with something on the other. i now have a pretty decent dent and scratch on the tank, scratches on the front rhs fairing, rear lhs fairing and both lhs indicators, broken rhs indicator and air intake and a scratched clutch lever.

    no note, not even an effort to put it back where it was, just left it against the wall. :(

  2. wtf??? what a bastard!
  3. Dude, was not scratched... It was knocked over.... :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Can I assume you are going to beat your room mate senseless :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Hey I know of a tilt tray we can borrow to move his car, say in between two trees ?
    and we dont have to be gental doing it either


    But no note or explaination sucks :evil:
  5. that is sooo gay
  6. if you need help

    I'm sure we can scare up some volunteers!!!
    I don't think a landlord has the right to touch a tenant's property without prior consent anyway.......
  7. I would not call it Gay.... It is a gutless, piece of crap thing to do.... Gay people admit to being gay which means they have balls and are gutsy to come out of the closet.

    This piece of trash wrecks your bike and does not even say anything
  8. just reading that again... i did less damage dropping my bike at 70kmph...
  9. yeh i thought it had been knocked over but the damage just doesn't fit. i park my bike between two buildings with about 20cm space either side of the bike. at the far end of the corridor between the buildings were some big painters ladders belonging to the owner. i think he has tried to move my bike to get to those and done all the damage in the process. my other old bike (which is parked in front of my new bike) would have been in the way as well, i'm just to scared to look at it, probably damaged as well. what a fcuken end to a weekend.
  10. Re: if you need help

    absolutely no right, bike was parked on common property (common to my place and the business below which he owns as well) so he had the right to access that area, but not touch my bike.
  11. There are some people in this big wide world that you could cheerfully strangle. This person is just one of them.
    I am with Bob, lets get the truck and move his car to somewhere really nasty.

  12. Put in a no-fault insurance claim nominating him (the owner) as the 3rd party. Doesn't cost you a cent, and you'd be surprised how many people admit it when they get demand letters from an insurance company. Also call the cops .. try and make sure the owner see's you and them when you show them the area etc. and tell them you think the owner did it .. they go have a chat with him :) Get a copy of the police property damage form they'll have to submit as it will help with the insurance claim :)

  13. Oh FFS
    How can moving and wrecking someone's bike be classified as a homosexual act?
    Can we stop with the american teen speak?
  14. Yo, brudda, I'm whit yoo!
  15. smee, that was sarcastic wasn't it?
  16. Good advice Jason.

    Rather than a tilt tray though - if it's a small car and there's a really big tree near you - a pulley and ropes will work well.

    Memories of the time a group of gentlemen of my acquaintance wedged a Moke into the fork of a gum tree - I believe the driver reversed into a Norton in the car park of Reid House (the hostel we were all living in in Canberra at the time...) - and no-one liked the Moke owner.

  17. Yeh, well we know the sort of stuff that used to go on at Reid House!!!

    (I lived in Canberra for 18 years until recently!!)

    Yep, I'd be putting in a claim and scaring him up a bit. Cowards like that often fold when you stand up to them..
  18. My personal favourite Reid House stories (that I have first hand knowledge of :D ) were the motorcycle race through the corridors and the stolen circus elephant(s). Oh yes - and the time Phil O'Rourke was towedon rollerskates hanging onto the roofrack of a Cooper S through Civic one Friday Night - wearing underpants & rollerskates and nothing else :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Re: if you need help

    Not only dont they have the right to touch your stuff while your still paying, but they aren't even allowed to come over without 24hrs prior notice...

    PS, i'm a volunteer ;)
  20. Was Phil O'Rourke one of the Goulburn O'Rourke's?
    Mick is currently working as Mat Mladin's chief wrench in the AMA superbikes.