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My bike is back from repairs, after 2 months

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tomohawk, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Woo hoo, Monday afternoon I picked up my bike from repairs after a loooong almost 2 months! Managed to get the insurance company to pay up and find the other guy at fault, thanks to him fibbing on his claim.

    Now, to keep her in her brand spanking new condition until I can afford to upsize ;)

  2. Why not get on it, and wear it out.
  3. Planning that this afternoon ;)

    Who wants to go for a ride?
  4. Love to. Great day for it, but I have to put the MV back together, and that will take all afternoon.
  5. Great news an all. Still, bet it seems like years since you last went for a spin eh?

  6. When I read the title "She's back!", I thought OMG its Da_Stump
  7. :oops: :eek: Me too.
  8. Me too.
    Da Stump is a creative gal.
    Viva da stump.
  9. lol thats what i was thinking too...oh well
  10. clearly, everyone wants stump back :LOL:
  11. She mightn't wanna come back.
  12. what happened with stump? everyone was all hush hush.... Our very own netrider-funded neurotic :)
  13. So that's it.... :LOL: The only post I did see was a cryptic post from Mr Hornet sir, saying "She won't be posting for a little while"... and the other forum was about as useful....

    So really, it's joel's fault.... :)

    Oh, and congratulations on getting your bike back! Was wondering what happened with the nuffy that cleaned you up
  14. congrats, i'll bet it's been a miserable two months

    i'm picking up the little prilla from Motorino tomorrow, after having it in the shop for four months
    first ride is gonna be so sweet :grin:
  15. :LOL: MG!

    Oh and Great news Tomo!