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My bike had an accident without me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by arno, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Get back to my bike this evening and find it leaning up against a tree with a note titled, "An Australia Post Van Hit Your Bike"...

    All details were left, drivers name, number, registration plus name and number of a witness, so it could have been worse.

    I called the driver and he assured me that it was a very minor accident and that there shouldn't be any damage to my bike....
    stand is bent to vertical (meaning I can either lie it down or lean it up against something)...
    nose is bent in so that when turning the steering half right, it stays there and has to be yanked to straight...
    right foot peg snapped off...
    scratches all over the place...

    It's obviously been dropped on it's right side and it seems like they stood on the side stand trying to get it upright again and in the process bent it into a useless position.

    I've been parking in the same place for over a year now and never had an issue... any rules on how far from the gutters edge you need to be? I'm sure as hell i wasn't hanging over the edge, let alone close enough for someone who was parking reasonably to hit it.

    Any Australia Post workers know what would happen to the postie if i called them, pending an unfavorable outcome of course.
  2. Doesn't sound minor to me :roll:.
  3. As you've got witness, confession, and evidence on your side, I'm thinking "call your insurance company" and let them tell you your options from their point of view.

  4. +1

    Hope it all gets worked out speedily.
  5. Sorry to hear about your bikes acco, I hope you do sort it out mate, and with little hassel, at least you have details on your side! Just hate to think he drove off not telling you anything at all.
  6. Dude that sucks, i cant believe someone would call that damage "minor" :shock:

    Hope things get better

  7. expect to be receiving replacement parts in the mail :p
  8. Well, at least you have the details, don't forget to thank him for being honest, too many c***suckers would just drive off (as the many, many posts and pictures in this forum show) (Just like at my computer shop last week, Typhoon guy backs into a Camry, Me in front of him, hard enough to rock the camry, parks, checks his car (while I park the bike), gets in, drives off. Just as well I got the buggers numberplate and passed it on to the owner. Prick of a thing to do.
  9. So it's time for PVDA to open his famous tin of worms and ask the following question;

    "I know bikes are allowed to park on footpaths but where do you stand legally when this sort of thing happens??"

    If Aus Post is like it's former PMG cousin then it self insures and has an insurance company run the claim & repair system on it's behalf.

    If they are like their cousin the driver will have several forms (in triplicate) to fill out and is one up manager will proably tell him he's a naughty boy but he shouldn't suffer any penalty (assuming it was a Aus Post employee and not a contractor of some sort).
  10. We had real problems getting a timely response from Aus Post when we made an insurance claim against them a few years back.

    Got the money eventually but it was like watching molasses flow down a shallow slope :?
  11. That really really sucks, I feel so sorry for you.
  12. If it was an Aus post employee I feel for him/her... there will be forms, investigations, safety curses etc...

    On the brighter note you will be compensated... in about 2010 you will recive your money when they finish flaying the driver...

    Get on them ASAP stand your ground and be prepared for a fight... Aus post likes to settle things out of cort but they will try and blame you for it...