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My Bike - GSXR750 08

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Since I am at home sick today and nothing better to do i thought id take some snaps of my bike and post them up here. Only done a couple of mods so far which include

    * Fender Eliminator
    * Pazzo Black shorty levers
    * Puig Z race screen (dark smoke)
    * Evo Tech frame sliders
    * Sharp swing arm spools

    On order and hopefully turn up at my doorstep this week are :

    * Yoshimura R-55 Full system
    * Powercommander
    * BMC Air Filter
    * Custom number plate

    Let me know what u think :)

    - Nathaniel

  2. :cool: Nice Nice very nice!
    Not a big fan of sport bikes but i'd have to say this gixxer looks the part!
    Love the new colour of the 08 modle.
    Keep the mods simple and sexy without making it look like its being pimped up just for show!
    Thumbs up from me

    Safe riding

    Cheers Phillip
  3. Well done! You posted photos!

    I must say, those levers look pretty horn. Good stuff.
  4. Damn, that thing is SEX.. Fukn love GSXR's and love the colour you got, different, and Pazzo lever's are wicked too, the mods you currently have is what i'd do exactly, and maybe a Jardine GP 1 exhaust, i love those things.

    Nice champ,
    Keep it clean :cool:
  5. Pictures never do this colour justice imho, looks way better in the flesh, very nice.
  6. Looks great. Like the pazzo levers too they are fantastic. You should look at getting some stomp grip pads for the tank if you are doing some track days.
  7. Soooooooooo hot! Want to touch... Thats what I will be looking at when im off restrictions :D
  8. :shock:
    Damn that looks SWEET !!!!!!
  9. Very cool, and its exactly the right engine capacity..
  10. Thanks guys :)

    Yea stomp grips are on the list of things to come as well as some brakelines but the brake lines can wait till after I put more kms on it
  11. That definitely gets a YES from me. Hot!
  12. Absolute beast! :cool:
  13. Got any shots of the front?? And the exhaust side? :grin:

    edited to add: In your photos, the bike looks red but it's actually orange isn't it?
  14. =P~ :beer: =P~

    excellent buy!!
    750 with full-system? this is one serious contender :twisted:
    but you can always turn it into a 600cc in C Mode?

    take extra care & do CSS soon - see ya outthere.
  15. Those custom plates will get you booked mate :shock:
  16. Hawt. Damn Hawt.

    Love it.
  17. fcuk making it hard for me to chose the street triple over the gixer.

    Slightly off topic. I was offered a brand new black gsxr 750 including on road for $16,000. Sound like a fair price?


  18. I've seen the k8 600 for 12990 plus ORC which, with some haggling, means you could get it for a smidge over $13,000 OTR. The 750 is usualy about $2K more so I would be looking to pay somewhere a bit over $15K. $16 seems a bit much to me.
  19. rrp is $16499. That means 18k with orc.

    I would be very surprised if you could get it for cheaper than 16k. That is 2k off the price.



  20. You will be surprised when i was shopping around for k8 1000 i was getting quotes of just over 16k otr