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my bike got dropped by a prick on a scooter

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by WeeBubba, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. on returning to my GS500 today in the public carpark, I discovered to my horror some prick had dropped it somehow. it's a fairly new bike and now all scratched up down one side. worse still, the front brakes arent biting the same as before. and the steering feels, well, a bit different.

    a younger guy on a scooter was just returning to collect his scooter as i arrived. we made eye contact and he left in somewhat of a hurry. i wouldve asked him if he'd seen anyone do it, but i didnt notice the damage until he'd left.

    i went to the cop shop and they looked at the CCTV. apparently it was the guy on the scooter who'd done it just minutes before i arrived. but they couldn't get his rego. this mofo on the scooter looked me in the eye but didn't have the balls to own up.




    the excess for my insurance is $600 so i think i'll have to pay for this out of my own pocket. i'd been saving for months for xmas but looks like the money is gonna get spent on the bike now instead. gee great.

    was wondering if theres a cheap way i can touch this stuff up myself. but will have to get the mechanics to look at the brakes and steering as i dont want to take chances with that.

    thanks for any advice with that

    meanwhile if i see the scooter guy again then im gonna take his rego, report him, and give him a piece of my mind.
  2. Hmmm, get it checked out. I just wonder if the forks might be slightly bent...
  3. How did he do it?
  4. i'm not sure 100% as I wasnt allowed to view the CCTV footage myself. but from what the cop said i think he lost control aran into it with his scooter trying to park
  5. Bad luck WeeBubba some people can play loose with others property. The geometry of the front may have been knocked out if it was a hard fall. Generally it can be re-adjusted by loosening off the triple clamp and tightening back down again once it is aligned. Stand astride the bike and look down on the head stem to see if it looks like it is twisted to one side comparing it with the line of the body and the direction of the front wheel. With the brakes check that the brake lever has not bent or been shifted out of position.

    It is unlikely that any serious damage has been done.

    With regards getting the scratches taken out of the fairing if you disassemble the fairing off the bike yourself and take it to a bike paint shop they will charge you less than if they have to do the dis-assembly. You may even be able to do the sand back etc yourself and just get them to match the colour and spray.

    Good Luck, you may be able to get one of the Sydney Netriders offer some on site advice if they see the bike.
  6. I was thinking - you have identified the guy(sort of) - at least proving it wasn't your fault - why should you have to pay an excess - this is the point i would push with the insurance company
  7. Fek that sure is a mofo job he basically did a runner, only if you had arrived a minute or 2 earlier. You've got some bad luck with the tailgating lady and now this.

    In future try parking your bike in a corner away from others and try and park one side up against a wall if possible that way less vehicles around.
  8. Get them to hold onto a copy. If you see him again, chase him down, don't assault him, but demand his ID. Tell him you already have his rego and the police are involved. Chances are he parks there often.
  9. Go back and look for the scooter each day and get its rego - make sure the cctv is kept as a copy just like Smokae suggested

    good chance he may park there again - you may have seen it parked there in teh same area before but never taken notice of it
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    What cjvfr said. Centre stand - back off all the triple clamp bolts to a bit more than finger tight, then stand in front and grip the wheel with you knees, hold the bars, and give it all a bit of a wriggle. You'll probably find some of the bolts seem tighter than others for no apparent reason, and when it comes back it may make a sort of 'crack' noise. Don't sh1t - that's normal. Do it up, check the brake lever is where it was, and if they feel spongy, there's probably some air in the line. It may bubble out itself over a day or so - sometimes they do - but if not then bleed the front brakes.

    Cosmetics - don't ask me about. I'm a butcher, not a plaster.

    ... there was a sportsbike wrench thing about this on u2b not long ago ... I'll go hunt it up.
    That's one. He did another one in the workshop in more detail...
    By the way - on YouTube go to these two channels, and add them to your subscriptions.

    Some of the same stuff on both, but if you only have one, you'll miss stuff. They're a gold mine.
  11. How useless are cctv cameras if they can't even make out a stationary number plate. Anyway as mentioned keep an eye out, it probably wont be for a few weeks but I'm sure you'll see this tool again.
  12. hadnt thought of that, will ring NRMA tomorrow morning see what they say. the cop has seen footage of it happening so there is definite proof wasnt me

    yeah good point and one i have learned the hard way. i had to park in a different spot today because the car park was full (of scooters) when i arrived and i was unlucky and paid the price

    also will give the forks a check over as suggested. if im not sure will get a mechanic to look at it. hopefully nothing too bad.

    i realised i didnt like folks on scooters before but didnt understand why. now i do.
  13. This has been a rather bad day for you, WeeBubba. I hope it’s all uphill from here, metaphorically speaking.

    With each passing day, my distaste for scooter riders grows stronger. As a herd, they are generally narcissistic, inconsiderate and twat-ty. It’s as if they’re too lazy to bear the responsibilities that come with commanding a two-wheeler. Bearing testimony to this are their [lack of] roadcraft, thoughtless parking skills, lack of courtesy, inability to acknowledge our gestures, and even unsuitable attire [which is something I couldn’t care less about, but it hints at a bigger problem].

    If you’re an exception to the above, don’t bother with a rebuttal. Those who do not fit it will be treated accordingly.
  14. +1 I concur
  15. Its funny I've heard about this thing occurring a few times now and it only seems to happen to new riders, it's bizarre. There is not much experience can do to prevent this. But I've never heard this story from someone whose not on plates. Perhaps people hired by the police or the RSPCA (to save kittens) go around knocking over L plate bikes so that they give it up before they are truly addicted.
  16. Could it be that more experienced riders are a little more careful and put more thought into where they park?
    Not a comment on WeeBubba at all - it's sh1tty what happened dude and totally not your fault...
  17. this guy will return to the same carpark. if you see him get his rego and then proceed legally from there with your insurance. you should be able to match it up to the video.
    don't take any other "illegal" action against this guy.
  18. That's a cowardly act on the part of the scooter guy, WB ... hope you catch him.

  19. Bugger!! Sorry to hear about the drop... Guy is a fricking loser!! Thats a low act.
  20. Just a warning about the insurance.

    In cases where the company cannot identify the party at fault, the claim is termed an "at fault" claim, if you were to claim it anyway.

    I didn't know this and when I claimed on my car for a smashed passenger side window and damage to the door, my insurance went up because of that.

    So, get the police involved, if you can. They might not care as it is minor damage, but if you can get someone identified and charged, then you should be able to claim off their insurance, and if they have none, take them to small claims court.

    I think often its better to not involve your own insurance company on small claims - either pay for it out of pocket, or do the legwork yourself - simply so you keep your premium intact for the day if the bike encounters something more serious.