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My bike got abused........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. On Thursday 24th November I quickly arranged a ride to the Black spur with Lids and Lil. The weather was great, but maybe a bit hot but a really good run over to healsville.
    THEN get into the shell servo and fill up the Hardley.....then i went in to pay for the petrol and when I got back out there was this truck driver who had stopped to admire the bike, or so I thought. "thats a nice looking bike you got there" he said. "thanks " says I. After a bit of banter about how he rides a Vintage Harley we parted and i jumped on my bike. I started it up and instantly could hear there was something wrong.....pulled over to where the girls where and the bike was really begining to devolop a real shitty attitude.
    So I said to my bike...."what the feck is wrong with you ya tempramental Harley wannabe ?" "screw you ya haggis munching skirt cladden prick Im going to break down now " my bike replied.
    "please dont do that now as people are watching and we are about to hit the black spur" I replied . " frak you " said My bike " you had it coming ".

    So bike wont start and when it did breifly it revved its little tits off and then died.
    So after an hour of thinking WTF are we going to do now ? we decided to go back to melbourne to get a trailer and pick up the bike.
    After a 4 hour round trip and a few calls for assistance we get the bike back to melbourne and dropped off to Pete the Pom's hous around 11pm.........what a frikin long fraking day. I tell ya my bike had a black headlamp after the spanking it got for getting all moody cos this trucky though she was a Harley..... So the Hardley got a ride home an a trailer .....and kept moving so we had to stop lots.

    So at petes place he gave it a quick check and in less than 2 minutes had the beeeeeeeatch running. WTF.......we all assumed we had a bad batch of fuel or water in the tank as it was running fine till i filled up......so this was really bad to have wasted all these people's time and especially petes at this time of night.
    I asked Pete what was wrong....pete said " if I tell you Im going to have to kill you" after getting all wound up over the course of the day i dragged the result out of pete. Pete asked if I had tampered with my bike....."NO way" I said. I never touched it at all....."somebody has been tempering with your bike" pete said.
    Now to cut the story short..........

    The guy who was admiring my bike in the servo had pulled off the fuel line.....we believe he was offended by the "HARDLEY DAVIDSON" sticker....the guy did offer to give me tools to fix the bike after he noticed we were having problems but I said " I dont know where to start to fix it mate so thanks anyway"

    Now as far as fuel lines go they are held on by a vaccum which sucks so the are nearly inpossible to get off unless you put your hand in and pull the pipe off. Pete had tracked this down insatntly and we both agreed that " not all twats and &*%))!(#*$(*.......people live in UK" some seemed to have crossed the water to Oz too.
    So this guy had pulled off my fuel line then offered me tools to fix it and told me how he rodes Harleys and how the sticker was funny .

    My bike is running fine and i would like to apologise to the Hardley riders of the world for having a sticker on my bike. ITS ONLY A FRIKIN STICKER.
    Id like to thank Lids and Lil for sticking with me and helping me out. Im sorry for spoiling the day.

    AND PETE THE MAGIC POM......this guy is amazing......where most would make a quick buck by pissing around with nothing and charging a bomb Pete takes 2 secs and says be on your way (before i kill you)

    Thanks pete.

    So from now on Im carrying a tool......not a wrench.....a bat....anybugger looks at my bike funny and he is pure getting the nonsence battered oot o him .......awright..... riverdance on the heed will just be my warm up routine.....

    Be wary of people getting close to your bike as it cost me alot of time money and effort.......if I knew about bikes i could have maybe fixed myself but then i couldnt goto pete's and make an arse of myself.....

    What a day.....

    I should have said I joined Lids ride to the black spur....crap context on my part sorry.
  2. :? thats not cool tampering wiht someones elses bike .....

    i can see the humour in your bike ( I LOVE IT!!!)(had a beasty like it meself ;)
    but theres always one that will take offense.
    hardley riders are normally that type.
    at least he didnt put sugar in your tank, or loosen your break cable, slash your tire or roughen you up... i think you got off lightly :shock:

    no one really liked my 4ft long "mitsubitchin" sticker on the back of my old van either (it was a mitsubishi :wink: ).
    karma always comes back anyway....
    oh well.. but i guess you learnt something about your bike.. and youll know how to fix it yourself next time (hopefully not) happens :)
  3. what can one say ....... that blows
  4. What a prick and a fricken coward, if he has a problem he should be a man and say something or suck it up, not feck with your property. Arse master.
    Grrrr, that pisses me off.

  5. :LOL: Stookie, a great story for a Saturday morning!!
  6. PMSL :LOL: :LOL:

    I like your bikes attitude :LOL:

    Cant stop laughing mate... As cool as it wasn't, at least thats all it was...

    *note to self, install guard plates near fuel lines*
  7. *shakes head* Imitation is a form of flattery. Can't understand why they took offence, anyways what he did is just a bastard act. Perhaps you could ask for video footage from the servo, track this guy down and ask for an explanation... or something :)
  8. Yeah good idea port, send him the bill for the tow and for Pete's 5 hours of diagnostics ;)

  9. Have you got any proof that the guy ACTUALLY did it?
    The only surefire way would be to see a videotape of the alleged offense from the servos security camera.
    if the fuel line was loose which can happen despite what others may tell you then it may have been pure coincidence it had fallen out.
    Either way I like the way you tell a story.
  10. yes good idea ............ especialy if you go to the cops ..... they will have a better chance if getting the security video ... dont know what they could charge him with ... but iam sure theres something .... even if its just unlawfull mischeif
  11. I'm sure the cost of towing and time lost due to his tampering with the bike may be awarded to stookie.
  12. According to Pete.....its very Very hard for a fuel line to come undone....especially with a clip on it.....it HAD been pulled off.
    Id just rode 80k and then filled up then nothing.....except for the Harley rider at my bike when I got back.......maybe it came off because he looked at it but me dont think so......
    All fixed now and Im happy, learned something too, my bike loves me again.....thats the main thing.
  13. It sucks that your bike was (most likely) stuffed with... but from what I have learnt over the last 25 years there is a small but distinct 'arsehole' harley subculture.

    And your Harley Davidson stickers may well attract thier attention... now I'm not saying that is fair or justfied (in any way), but it's possible.

    It's a small example of the same sort of problem some Ulysses club members were hassled about in Canberra, for wearing rockers on their Ulysses club patches.

    I don't wear a patch, but there isn't any way I'd put rockers on mine because to be honest I don't need the hassles.

    And yeah... people were jumping up and down saying how 'we should be allowed to do this'...

    But at the end of the day lots of these 'scum' harley types (and I'm only talking about a very small percentage of them) simply don't give a shit.

    If you offend them you run the risk of them doing something... and the law or justice (our justice) will have nothing to do with what happens.

    Something to consider at least..,
  14. Doesnt seem like enough of a reason to be accusing someone of something in my opinion...

    Id definately be wanting some solid proof before i went bad mouthing someone. Im no mechanic but ive had and seen such fuel lines come off by emselves...

    Id definately be askin if you could see the security camera and either seeing if it shows the act or get his rego and chase him down and question him.

    To me someone fcukin with my vehicle is directly fcukin with my life. If he did do it id be seekin some serious revenge.. And if not id be offerin the biggest apology of my life...

    Anyways sorry to hear about all ya dramas and bad day, i just reckon you need to be a little more certain before casting accusations... Goodluck dude...
  15. Is possible to kick the fuel line while getting on or off the bike or something latching on to it. Knock it while cleaning it earlier??
    A mate of mine cleaned his bike once and ever since the rev meter is up and down like a yoyo.
  16. Stookie, my man, whatever the outcome, keep these stories coming, because apart from Loz's impromptu road tests, and roarin's great ride reports, NO-ONE on this forum writes such hilarious stuff as you do! Just classic, mate, your misfortunes, so fabulously told, make for many laughs.
  17. Correction to the story:

    It was the vacume line to the fuel tap that had been pulled off not the fuel line.

    It had been pulled off at the end which attaches to the engine and had been tucked up out of the way.

    I've been fixing bikes for nearly 20 years and I've never seen a vacume line come undone then go and hide so it cant be see as well.

    Trust me someone pulled that line off
  18. K fair enough, still a little quick to be pointing the finger though is all. Its a pretty serious thing to be accusing someone of if you aint 100 percnt sure they did it...
  19. Mik the guy hasn't been named, the lynch mob hasn't been formed, so we're still a little way from a defamation suit.
    The guy is guilty in the hallowed halls of the forum courtrooms just by being in the vacinity, it's a forum, not a police report.

  20. Ok but i get the feeling that if he could be named he would be...

    Mechanicals things fail and strange things can happen is all, im just struggling to see how the best explanation is that the bike enthusiast who offered tools to help was definately without doubt the offender.

    Sure it is only a forum, but its an accusation against a sole person all the same, and that person has no chance to even defend themselves.

    And i dont even understand how that sticker could even offend a harley rider... The way i see the sticker is only takin a dig at his own ride... All seems a bit strange to me...