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My Bike Fell Over !@#$%^&

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Im Singing In The Rain, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Can't believe it. I treat my bike with kid gloves. Parked it in the driveway and about 2 hours later , i hear crash. Go outside and there is my 2009 Honda CBR1000RR on its side. F!@#$KKKKKKK. Broken mirror/indicator/pedal/rear seat cowl.I think i'll be up for about $1000 bucks F!@#%%%%%KKKKKK. You just gotta check that stand don't you.:nopity:

  2. Did you leave it in gear or neutral?
  3. Honestly cant remember
  4. I haven't felt this bad since i got a big pimple on my first hot date when i was 15 years old
  5. Did you score?

    On that date I mean... (also sorry to hear about the bike)
  6. I worry about my bike now that i live where there is no garage, the last few weeks with gale force winds whipping at the cover have been nerve racking.
    Sorry to hear yours toppled
  7. 2 hours in?? Was it on cement/grass/gravel?
  8. couldn't you make a makeshift lean-to?
  9. I know how you feel OP

    I dropped mine the other day, as my drive way is on an inclinei was trying to carefully manuver it around my car then just slipped out of my hands and dropped, busted up the right indicator and a bit of a scratch on the oil tank, but everything else is good.
  10. I am renting but still talking about being allowed to build some shed in a area of concrete down the back of the garden
  11. even one of those temporary tool sheds from bunnings?

    Sorry about the bike man. I check mine as much as I can after hearing all these stories ](*,)
  12. Commiserations.

    If the stand collapsed/folded up, it wasn't in gear - but why would it have taken 2 hrs to roll forward?

    If it sank in the grass, there'll be no doubt about it - there'll be a big divit in the ground and you'll have a dirty stand.

    Think I'll move this into new riding tips... there's sure to be a tip out of this story.
  13. Park in first? Or 2nd?
  14. 1st.
  15. Without trying to sound nasty, why would you ever park in neutral? Do you park a car in neutral (and it has a parking brake)?

    I come across this all the time and all anyone ever says is "Er, I don't know". I don't get it. Sorry, just an irrational pet peeve of mine...
  16. always park the bike in neutral. if it's in gear it won't start. if you were to ask me why i do it...well, i can't answer this. i scrutinize my parking surfaces and thus far nothing has happened.

    correct me if i'm wrong but i believe when i was going through hart and the mc training a few yrs ago, every time we would stop before getting off we were told to park it in neutral...maybe that's why some of us are doing it?

    as for the car...there is a car in the garage sitting in neutral. though, if it was parked on an incline best practice would be to leave it in gear...
  17. I always park bike in gear and I carry a piece of wood that's about cm thick and about 10cm x 4cm in my tank bag just in case I find myself on softer surface.
    Always thouroughly check surface, road angle, etc as I park bike.

    Only in my garage at home, I always park in neutral and onto the center stand so I can quickly spray some lube on the chain, check oil etc....

    It's habit now and so far so good.....
  18. Another reason to park the bike in gear is that if you cock up putting the stand down and it's not in its most forward position, the bike wont roll forward and fall off the stand.

    This "discussion" was had in another thread... the neutral parkers don't want the extra second it takes to either lean down and kick the gear lever into neutral or reach down and pull it up into neutral.

    ...anyway, hope the OP has a better day today. lol
  19. Whenever I lower the sidestand, I give it a slight kick to (hopefully) avoid that. I also leave it in gear, since changing to neutral ain't that hard, and I can always just pull the clutch in if I can't change gears for some reason (an' if the clutch isn't working, I've got much bigger problems :p).