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My bike feels like its on ice skates!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by MR_PEA, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. I have been riding my cbr600F4i for about 2 months now.. and i have noticed that in the wet the bike has alot less grip then my vtr250 had with new tyres... at first i thought it was the just the weight of the bike.. but i really cant turn faster then about 20kms an hour around a street corner.. i feel like a car is gonna run me off the road.
    the tyres are
    Front Bridgstone 120/70ZR17 M/C Battlax BT014
    Rear Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M3

    im not sure if i should soften up the suspention or get the tyres changed, which is kinda annoying because the tyres are less then 5thou old and still have plenty of meat on em...

    I primary use the bike for commuting but I only really come across this in the wet.

    ideas guys?
  2. Check tyre pressures?

    I am not personally familiar with those tyres, but I believe they should be up to the task.

    How familiar are you with wet weather riding?
  3. hmm it has been a while since i checked em...
    but i have had this feeling since ownership of the bike..
    normally i have the tyres set to about 35psi..

    i have had a bit of experience with wet riding.. basicly i have been riding 4 or more times a week since i got my 250... rain or shine...
    and i had that for about a year..
  4. I just checked the manual for my bike and it states that i require 36psi in the front, and 42 psi in the rear.
    ill adjust the tyres and see how i go..
  5. yep i agree check tyre pressures but i remeber reading a topic about running different tyres front and rear in the wet and there was much discussion about the front being designed to clear the water away from the rear and therefore if not matched might not be working as they should, though i am not sure if that theory was ever proven one way or the other.

  6. Stewy this is 100% correct.
  7. Sounds like marketing twaddle to me. Maybe if you were going 100k's + there might be something in it, but around town/commuting I very, very much doubt it.

    To the OP - it may just be that the larger tyres feel like they have less grip than the thinner ones on the 250?? Something to do with the larger profile of sports tyres? Just thinking aloud...


  8. It maybe the tyres (mismatch or pressure) or it maybe technique. 42PSI sounds a bit high for the rear, that's just my opinion. If wet weather riding is a concern then I think having a matching pair of sport touring tyres would be a good bet (PR2's for example).

    Just relax and trust the bike. They're a lot more capable than you think, don't obsess over every little movement it makes.
  9. i dont think its my technique,, i know if I go any quicker the bike will slip out from under me.. (front!)

    ill get one of my mates to ride it after i had adjusted the tyre pressure.. just to make sure that im not being too naft..
  10. You need to set aside an afternoon or two and properly experiment with tyre pressures. Start at one extreme and progressively change them by 2psi at a time, take a 10 min ride, adjust again and so on. settle on what is the best set-up for either wet or dry conditions.

    Same with suspension. Get it back to factory settings to start with. The bike and tyres should be fine unless you have serious wear (unlikely).

    It doesn't hurt to swap back and forth with another bike for comparison purposes, either.
  11. Perhaps you're loading up the front too much? Maybe rolling through the corner with negative or neutral throttle instead of being slightly positive? Never dismiss your technique as being the culprit for any bike handling issues.
  12. yep. different shoes on the wet will munt your day. not to mention most metz are shite in the wet anyway
  13. just checked the tyres.. fronts 25psi, rears 29psi... :( god i feel like an idiot!

    ill pump the fronts upto 36psi and the rear upto 38psi and see how i go..

    Just as a matter of interest how often do you guys check the Tyre pressures?
    Cheers Guys..
  14. Every 3 tanks of fuel or before a big ride.
  15. Every time I get my tyres changed
    Honestly I probably change oil more often than check air pressure.
  16. yep... adjusted the tyre pressure and the grip in the wet increaced 10 fold!

    Cheers Joel.
  17. Pressures will do it everytime.

    I went up to Arthurs seat a few weeks ago. Had a horrible time. The rear just felt like it was 'pulsing' and and 'wobbling' side to side on ever bend. I was thinking by rubber is just getting old and hard. Never crossed my mind that I hadnt checked the pressures in about a month.

    Couple of days after that :idea: Pulled over checked them. 28psi front 32psi rear. Ahhh problem solved.

    I felt like a complete idiot. :oops:
  18. check my tyre pressures before my weekend spins, and i normally get out most weekends....

    Glad to head you got it sorted out though.

  19. Get yourself one of those little pressure check devices - about $15 from kmart, no need to go to a service station then. Means you will check much more often. If they're getting a little low just pump them up next time you fill up.

  20. smart lad geeth. or if they feel a little sloppy