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My bike doesn't love me! :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Pugsly, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. I've been away for a week, make that 8 days. My CB500F has been parked in the garage unloved for all that time.

    Yesterday when I got home I was in the garage grabbing some things and kicked the bike over to make sure no problems with battery etc, and it started first go and I let it idle for 10 seconds then turned it off.

    FF to 5 mins ago.

    Gear on, bike in driveway, hit the starter, the starter turns and.. No fire.
    Fuel gauge says there is fuel, check in tank anyway - yup.
    Try again..
    Starter turns and... No fire.
    Definitely in neutral, definitely stand down (starter doesn't even turn without those two thing anyway) fuel pump hums when ignition turned on. Checked kill switch...
    Try again...
    Starter turns and... No fire.


    Came up to the house to type this in frustration and let any fuel pumped into cylinders etc dissipate - is flooding a problem on EFI bikes?

    Feck! I want to go for a ride!

    The starter is turning with plenty of power, the battery has plenty of charge.

    I don't want to have to take it back to Honda.

  2. Have you checked for spark? I'm not familiar with your bike, but if you can pull a spark plug out, plug it into the ignition lead, rest it on the head somehow so that there is an earth to the spark plug body, then give it a quick crank and check if the plug is sparking. You could have a faulty ignition coil or a dud crank angle sensor if there is no spark. If there is spark and it still won't run then most likely the timing is out and the crank angle sensor could be the culprit. That's my 2c worth. With most EFI bikes, its probably best to get the dealer to look at it especially if it is new and undeer warranty.
  3. Thanks Senetor - pulling a plug was very close to my next step.

    I had a brainwave and thought the key might be a dud, what with the ignition immobiliser and what not. So I grabbed the spare.

    Starter turns (notice it's starting to run the battery down at this stage) and *cough*. Ohh, small fire.

    Try again, and apply 1/4 throttle - and we have a running motor - sort of. Rough idle, slow idle. I let it run for a minute or two, blip the throttle, it revs ok, then stalls when it returns to idle.

    Start again - still need 1/4 throttle. Let it idle whilst I chuck helmet on etc. Decide on a cunning plan - ride gently to 60 degrees (about 2km away). If it's still exhibiting the same behaviour, get it looked at, if it's back to normal, go for a longer ride.

    Long story short, on the ride, no missing, no noticeable power loss, and afterwards starts happily and idles properly. Did a few errands, filled up the tank and we're all good. For now... What tomorrow morning will bring, I don't know. I switched the key back to my normal one and it still started, so the key thing was a furphy.

    Any ideas why the bike might have done what it did? Is this normal for a bike that's sat for a week? Should I be concerned?

  4. No it's not normal, may have been a bit of condensation in the tank, or shitty fuel. If it does it again I'd get it checked. My CB 400 sits for weeks sometimes, especially lately, fires up first time every time.
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  5. Thanks Mcsenna. Fuel was low, could have got condensation or poor fuel. Will keep an eye on it.
  6. Agree with Mcsenna.
    Normally when bike doesnt start I usually put it on 5th gear then push ...
    Works 9 out of 10 every time , at least it give me some idea what happen when it run without proper combustion.
  7. After sitting for the evening, I went out to the bike this morning and... Started first go like it normally does. No idea what happened yesterday.

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  8. Hmm Gremlins,

    Seriously though
    The way you described the start up I would say it was flooded.
    Extra fuel is usually injected into the engine for a cold start, It probably would have been better to warm the bike up on the initial start rather than start and turn it off as quickly as you did.

  9. Sounds like Highett might be right. Also a tip I received form a friend, don't leave the bike with a very low amount of fuel in the tank. I keep mine at least half full if I know I won't be able to ride it for more that a week. This helps prevent condensation building up in the tank. Have you made sure you are running the correct fuel type. Most manufavturers advise not to use E10 or any ethanol blend, and your owners manual will also advise the minimum octane rating. Finally, if you start it up, make sure you run it for a few minutes to get it properly warmed up, this will dissipate any unburnt fuel and help dry out the exhaust so it doesn't rust.
  10. I'll follow the low fuel tip in the future.

    For fuel - yes, definitely running the right fuel plus I don't touch anything with ethanol in it. I've heard too many horror stories so I shy away. And generally, yes, I let it run until warmed up. This weekend was the exception. I'll avoid.

  11. Nup you got it right first time, bike was pissed off cause you left her sitting there all unloved, she got revenge:D
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  12. Not only for bikes. If you talk to a servo, they'll admit that almost nobody is touching ethanol fuel. What they won't say, is that having modern fuel sitting like that isn't good, because modern fuel has a short stable shelf-life before it begins breaking into its various components. That can't be good for engines.
    Also, it's environmentally unfriendly. What's the point of 10% 'green fuel' if you burn more of it? And the fact you burn more means it effectively costs more too.

    Yeahyeah, I know, rant.