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Featured My bike didnt start properly today?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jack096, May 18, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was about to ride home today and as I started the bike I pressed the button, it made the usual electric noise , got to usual rev and immediately puttered out. I tried it again and it just kept puttering out after the electric starter noise (It didn't sound like flat battery). I eventually got it cracking by revving it so It could get up to the standard idle revs and that seemed to work.

    It was on low fuel (the last bar) so I filled it up and it started properly at the servo.

    reckon it was just the low fuel or something more sinister?
  2. I was thinking no fuel before I go to the end of the post. Make surevyounreset your trip meter every time you fill up, then you can keep a reliable guide on your fuel remaining. Doesn't take long to work out the range.
  3. were you still thinking low fuel by the time you go to the end of the post?

    I managed to get 195 km out of the tank (is this good?)
  4. what bike and is it carbs or fuel injection?
  5. Honda cbr300r

    fuel injected
  6. 200+ is what you should get as a start. It has a 13 litre tank and is rated at 3.3litres/100km. Might have been grit in the fuel.
  7. A bit low, generally about 230k or so is more typical. Is it mainly commuting, start stop type riding or more cruising?
  8. if it does it again.. open the tank, see if any fuel left :)
  9. no freeway, mostly around 40-80kmh zones, start stop. and I also have a childish habit of revving my engine lightly at the lights usually out of boredom.

    I dont think I'm getting properly 13 litres in the tank, I have the bike on the stand when I fill it up so I think it's probably getting 9-10 litres
  10. Jack096Jack096 my son has the same bike. He says 280 km's before he starts looking for a servo and has never really pushed to see how much he would get. He's 6 foot and about 85 kgs and rides like a ....well a young bloke. Hope this helps for some comparison.
  11. Jack096Jack096 I have the same bike and got 270km out of it last weekend (nearly shat myself going through M5/SHT on 1 fuel bar) - but this was all freeway riding so might not be a good indication of riding in traffic etc.

    My stats are 5 foot 4, 59 kg and ride like a.... well a young bloke :p
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  12. lol, ChristinekChristinek . It wasn't that long ago that we passed each other in town and when I got home, I found myself on the receiving end of a lecture and a raised eyebrow. Something to do with hitting the round about a bit hard... :whistle:
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  13. 5'11'' 75kg, ride like a young bloke I guess.

    do you guys sit on the bike while fueling to get the full 13 litres?
  14. Jack096Jack096 no don't sit on the bike.... never thought about it... I'd have to be on tip toes and don't fancy my chances of looking very graceful doing that.
  15. Most servos will not allow you to fill up while sitting on the bike.
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  16. fill it up like normal. roll bike away from pumps after paying. sit it upright and look in tank..
    guessing you won't see much space left..