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My bike didn't make it, but I did!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by GlassHand, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Well, hey! A fine-looking place you've got here... this isn't how I wanted to arrive, but it's all good...

    I've just finished eleven years riding a Vespa in Sydney - great fun, until I was rear-ended at a traffic light in September. Kind of thrilling, but let's not try it again, hey?

    So, the scooter's written off, and I'm looking around, thinking about what's next. I'm thinking I might like a motorcycle, so I camp on YouTube and dredge the 'net for info on bikes and riding, and talk to mates who ride. I'm booked into a refresher riding course in a week or so, to re-learn and get some safe practice.

    Anyway, thanks, and good riding. I look forward to seeing you good folks around the boards.
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  2. Welcome to Netrider. Plenty of good info here.
  3. Thanks, Gooza!
  4. Welcome to NR. Sounds like a Hayabusa H2 would be a good next ride. Nice moderate step up from the scooter.

    Riding courses are great fun and tuition - money well spent
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  5. welcome aboard :) glad your ok after the recent mishap
  6. Welcome GlassHandGlassHand - glad you are ok. I went from a scooter to an MT-03 - couldn't be happier - best bet is to test a few out - enjoy
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    Welcome GlassHandGlassHand, the bonus is you have years of road experience on your vespa so your next step to something more lively will be very comfortable for you, enjoy (y)
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  8. Thanks, guys!

    Hayabusa... LOL!
  9. Welcome mate, sad news about the Vespa, but on the plus side you'll now be on a real bike ;) which will be waaayyy more fun.
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  10. Welcome to NR, plenty of useful information to make your next bike decision harder than ever thought possible - so many nice new bikes!
  11. Welcome aboard. As said above, you will already be well aware of the perils of bike riding, so when you throw your leg over your next machine, all that will be new is the added power and agility (depending on what you get. Forget the Hayabusa, get a H2R!)
  12. Welcome GlassHandGlassHand
    Good luck with your next task of finding a replacement for your little Vespa.
    They are good for zipping around in the city traffic but bikes can do okay as well.
    Enjoy the refresher and the shopping :)
  13. Welcome, GlassHand. Shit does happen occasionally, you being OK is the important bit.

    Was it the same Vespa for 11 years?

    If so, things have advanced in that time. :)

    Regardless of the label, two wheels and a motor to make it go..... that's the essential bit.
  14. 11 years on a Vespa?? Oh my............. So you were fashionable ahead of your time? Cool.

    Welcome, what takes your fancy for your next set of wheels?
  15. Thanks, CaffeineMonster - and yeah, I remember the L course being fun. And after all those years on a tiny automatic, I'm definitely going to need some tuition and practice!

    Thanks, Jeffco - it was kind of funny at the time. SCREECH *bang* then I'm in the air... then I'm not. Landed flat on my back.

    You know what's brilliant? Helmets, that's what. I got up, wheeled off the road, and I was fine. Lucky!

    Well, I'm impressed... I looked them up, and they look great... and big! (I can see now how small scooters are!)

    Thanks, Goldenberri!

    Thanks, Andrew - yep, and I'm used to getting pushed around by the wind, having NO traction in the wet... But a Vespa was what I'd always wanted. It was a fun few years... time to move on!

    Thanks, CB... Heh... yeah, true! I figure scooters are a different tool for a different job. I'm under no illusions about needing to skill up for a real bike!

    So it's not just me then! Thanks... yeah, with all the info, I'm getting more confused and more greedy :D

    Thanks, BMWRX (family name? don't you guys have vowels? ;) ) - I think I'll make out my will first!

    Thanks, Oldmaid... that's pretty much the story of my riding experience. I was talking to a workmate today, and he just shook his head, and said, "Sorry, but those aren't real bikes... you can't take them out on Mount Blahdeblah Road. They're no fun..." Well, yeah, that's true. But until now, Mount Blahdeblah wasn't in the plan!

    Yep... same bike all that time. She was very good to me. Except for the throttle cable snapping at 70kph... twice... in a year... and the rear tyre blowing out at 60. Other than that, though, good, good times.

    Thanks, Lionz... it was a college kid's dream fulfilled years later. All good times, no regrets!

    What's on the list now? I'm only really discovering what's out there. And there's TONS of advice!

    I'm almost certain to go secondhand, and there seems to be plenty out there. A road bike of some sort. I think ABS would probably be smart. A mate is selling a Ducati Monster 620 about 10 years old, and I like the idea. But I want to get an idea of what I can handle.

    I started out with a list of two, and I've narrowed it down to twelve!
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  16. Ha GlassHandGlassHand I had a list of 14 that nearly gave CrazyCamCrazyCam the conniptions
    I was very naughty and just narrowed it down to only litre bikes ;)
    Then heart and inside leg measurements oh and the colour helped pick Zeddee.
    Enjoy yourself- your ride, your choice and damn me, if it doesn't feel mighty fine :)
  17. That's the shot :)
  18. GlassHandGlassHand I will confess my scoot was an Aprilia SR 300 Max so not exactly a littly :p