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My bike broke. Nobody stoped. I think the bro code is dead.

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by lupin, Oct 16, 2016.

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  2. who said Harley riders are unhelpful :)
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  3. idiotic fender eliminators.....
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  4. What sort of camera are you using. The frame rate on that is fantastic!
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  5. I'm sure if they knew the full extent of those chicken strips they would have pulled over and offered to help sand them off ;)
    You weren't stranded and the bike was still rideable so no big drama
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  6. #6 69SIM, Oct 16, 2016
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    Must be a new GoPro, possibly with 4K I'd say.

    Edit: A derrr moment, I'll learn to watch the video next time...
  7. Drift Ghost S by the looks, 1080@60fps or 720p@ upto 120fps
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  8. Man my Drift Ghost-S @ 60fps doesn't look like that, maybe I screw up the post processing.
  9. #9 chilliman64, Oct 16, 2016
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    hope you can fix it without too many probs - is the tyre stuffed? looks like it might be ok

    found this on your channel
  10. Good theory, if it wasn't for the fact you can see both cameras in the video, and neither is a gopro. Look like Drift cameras to me.

    EDIT: Beaten to it...
  11. The EXACT same thing happened to my FZ1 !! I reattached the FE with a pair of shoelaces I bought in a shop and rode it home. Then I put the original ugly fender back on.

    You might also recognise the number plate..

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  12. It must be the plate that's causing it lol. I notice yours was the same brand as this one. That's a few that I've seen broken now.

    Camera is a drift ghost s.
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  13. Yes I've been duly berated by Nicholai_ChevNicholai_Chev and 12STR12STR for not noticing the camera on your helmet on the first watch and then posting without actually checking it... But can I ask what settings you are running the camera with (you don't seem to have the same amount of fisheye distortion I get) and the quality of yours seems a lot nicer than mine even at 1080p @60fps. What processing software do you use.

    Sorry for the derail... It was a good video :)
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  14. #14 jmc, Oct 16, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
    Yamaha '06-15 FZ1 LED Fender Eliminator / Tail Tidy FZ1N 14 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 | eBay

    Pretty dangerous failure, mine was bouncing around on the back tyre too and being held onto the bike by the indicator wires. Lucky my mate was directly behind me when it fell off so he zipped up next to me and told me to pull over before any damage was done to my $300 back tyre. I had no idea there was anything wrong.

    We were in 60 zone approaching Yarra Junction from Noojee/Powelltown when mine decided to fall off. About 2 mins before that I would have been doing the ton and damage potentially much worse.
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  15. I'm no metallurgist, but obviously whatever they're doing at that bend point is very inadequate. Probably the wind drag of the indicators plus number plate putting constant stress onto that weak point.
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  16. #17 oldcorollas, Oct 16, 2016
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    those bits looks suspiciously like fatigue.. more crack growth on the bottom than that top corner
    suspect there was a mark from the folding tool there.

    no info on what grade of alloy was used, but a sharp bend like that will put a fair bit of stress in there.
    add to that a design with a "skinny waist" a heap of weight/area hanging off it flapping in the breeze...

    a larger radius (more gradual) curve probably wouldn't have cracked like that

    on the bare one here, can't see any detail abotu the curve.. but seller says "MADE FROM .120 THICK ALUMINUM SO IT WON'T BREAK LIKE ALL THESE OTHER HIGH DOLLAR ONE'S."
    FZ1 FZ-1 Yamaha Fender eliminator Tail Tidy 2006- 2016 2017 BARE METAL
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  17. hmmm i have the same brand eliminator, will have to have a good look at it tomorrow...
  18. Mine is exactly the same cracked right on the fold. The new one I got (different brand) seems much more robust that this one was, so I'm hoping its better.

    As for the camera settings, 1080p 60fps, vivid mode on, and I render with sony vegas.
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  19. That sucks balls.

    Which reminds me, I have to replenish my 'on board' stock of zip ties and '100mph tape'.
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