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My Bike Attacked Me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ametha elf, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I was polishing my bike today. I have some aftermarket rear vision mirrors with sharp pointed ends fitted, and the steering lock was on. Anyway, I was polishing the front end and stood up, ripping my forehead against the metal on the mirrors. I felt it hit bone, and felt the skin rip. Put my hand up to inspect the damage and my head was bleeding, also there was blood on the mirror. Gave myself a decent gash right on the hairline, and it hurts! I havent ridden for a couple of weeks since this never ending rain started, and I knew my bike was wanting to get out and stretch her legs, but I never thought she would attack me!

  2. Oh, if only I had a dollar for every time I was polishing down below, only to stand up and get bitten on the head...
  3. Pics or didn't happen
  4. I always thought those sharp mirrors were the dumbest thing ever. Crashed off road and landed on handlebar into stomach at 5kmh. God it hurt. Landing on those sharp mirrors would slice you open.
  5. No pics, sorry, don't want to take the dressing off right now, it might hurt! As for the mirrors, its not the first time they've caused me grief. I lost one while riding one day, decided on an impulse to do a sharp u turn on a steep incline to go back looking for it, and of course I came off ...same mirror too.
  6. Sounds nasty. Lose the mirrors for good.
  7. You haven't been riding in the rain?
    I love riding in the rain, but only after I have already achieved saturation.

    Hope the knock on the head won't keep you off the bike for even longer now, but you probably have a week to recover since they said it will be raining all this week...
  8. Motorcycles are very dangerous and you forgot ATGATT :p

    but yeah, post pics
  9. wear your helmet when cleaning the bike
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  10. or have the othe half wash it for you lol
  11. Lesson learnt - remember to wear helmet whenever going remotely near bike, ATGATT. I always say that my bike gets cranky whenever she doesnt get out for a decent ride, and Virago actually means cranky woman!!
  12. You know I never made the connection before. It comes from the Latin word Vir which is virile. Virile woman perhaps :)

    From Wikipedia

    A woman, however, if exceptional enough could earn the title Virago. In doing so, she surpassed the expectations for what was believed possible for her gender, and embodied masculine-like aggression [1] and/or excellence.

    Hmm perhaps it did attack you. ;)
  13. Got any pics of the mirrors?
    Interested to see what this type of mirror looks like, never seen (or knew any existed) them before.

    Can't imagine what purpose they serve other than an expression of individuality..
  14. I cracked it and went out today anyway; was raining hard at Samford/Glorious/Nebo, but north and south were okay.

    Hope your head heals up quickly.
  15. I'm gunna be a good boy. Don't want to get banned ha ha.
    Don't you hate it though. I had the car up on the hoist, working underneath.
    Had enough room under it and walked out the sideways and smashed my head on the wheel ramps. Ha ha I saw stars. Spewing and laughing at the same time.
  16. Ouch, hope your noggin feels better soon. I saw [MENTION=28921]HB[/MENTION] have a go at a tree with her head as she hopped off her bike the other day (helmet on). She rides a Virago. The agression must rub off, the tree had no chance.
  17. NK you should always wear a helmet,
  18. Yep, I let that tree have it alright. They don't breed them tough enough in Willy. Bike was parked under the tree, just getting something out the saddlebags and the tree attacked me.

    Some of us cruiser riders might seem meek and mild, but don't get too close!!
  19. I remember those. Lots of pointy wicked bits. Ouch!
    Riding in the rain should mollify Virago :)
  20. For a biker chick, you're a bit of a wuss...
    Take off your bandaid and show us this gaping axe wound!