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My best riding day yet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Booth, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Had a fantastic days riding today, went through everything from cruising to knee downing. So I feel the need share this with everyone.

    So this morning after lodging my tax return, I had a whole day ahead of me, it was 9 in the morning, the sun was shining, the temp was at the perfect level of hot/cold, round about 20 degrees id guestimate.

    This upcoming saturday Id planned on doing something romantic for my gf, so i took a buzz up to nelsons bay, about 45min north of newcastle, lovely little area. To scope out, the date location and subsequent room for two. Went over the stockton bridge in newcastle, and its a fantastic view, i live here, and i never get bored of it. I puttered along up to nelsons bay, one of those roads, that had my ducati begging for the speed limit to be raised to about 200, she wasnt happy idling over in the 100k zone, i really wanted to streach her legs, and could barely contain myself, 4km of a dead straight, newly tarred road...but i did contain myself, stupid brain.

    I arrived in nelson bay, and sat down, and had a coffee, spoke to the owners of the coffee shop and found out what the deal is regarding accom and dinner in the bay. And it dawned upon i finally realised that i had just went to a coffee shop, on a ducati...this pretty much entitles me as a Ducatista. And thats what its all about hey. I had a fantastic ride, from newcastle, to nelsons bay, organised the date and had some coffee, i truly felt at one with my bike today. As i sat there drinking coffee, i had 3 blokes stand around and just stare at the bike, and one in his best italian accent screamed Bellisimo.

    The day went that well that a harley rider actually returned my giant wave.

    So i cruised back to newcastle, after spending a glorious amount of time, viewing the coast line in nelson bay, and returned, and refueled. (bike used 8 litres of the premium juice)

    I decided to go knee downing, so i grabbed my old ice hockey knee pad, and headed for the local car park, and put some knee down in both directions, and headed on home, quiet content.

    I know this is probably the most boring story you have ever heard, but i gotta be honest, for every one ride like this, you will do 500 meh rides(please note that a meh ride is still better than the best day in a cage) and this is exactly why i ride.

    Today made me appreciate my bike that much more, like, ask any rider, and i reckon there gonna tell you, that they love there bike, or about a bike they loved, or a bike that they want to love, and i love this bike. It was a beautiful bike to cruise on, on a fantastic day of riding, it ate up the twisties like nothing else. It made head turns when i got into the bay, it looked pretty sitting in the sun as i knocked back a coffee. It was in its element knee downing. It was everything i originally envisioned riding to be.

    I know alot of people put shit on ducati's in general. But today i felt, is not only what riding was about, it was what ducati was about. It was a head turner, it was fast, it was nimble, it was stable, and most of all, it was all effortless for the bike. When i purchased my bike, i never thought id be purchasing a lifestyle to go with it.

    Anyways, it was the best day riding ive had ever. Only made me wish i had a camera....
  2. Good write-up. Nice to see people out enjoying themselves!

    I'm intruiged by the Ducati 600SS, I notice that they are LAMS legal in SA, I thought they would have been too powerful...

    Sounds like you had a great day out, had any problems or issues with the 600SS, or outrageous parts/service prices just because its a Ducati?
  3. While it makes good sense as a place of practice, I would laugh if I came up to the top level of a carpark to find a rider knee downing for no apparent reason. hahahaha.
  4. Your a newcastle boy ay? well, I will look out for your ducati... The nelson bay ride is a good ride.
  5. There lams legal in NSW too man, i know, im on my p's. And there is a restrictor on the throttle cable, that limits you to 1/3 throttle. Roughly. Once it off, they go reasonably well. It goes alright with it in too. Its also a 620.

    I rate them.

    Expense wise, my uncle works at frasers newcastle, so, everything is relatively cheap for me, that said, there not cheap to service at all.

    LOL @ the carpark too. About as controlled an environment as you can get.

    And yeah nic, hit me up if your ever keen for a ride...no matter how i say that, its dirty.
  6. Good story. Nice read. That's why we jump on and ride!