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My beautiful boy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Aly, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Here's my new Ninja 250. I love him


  2. jesus....big photos. I'll try to resize
  3. Where's the pic of you draped over the bike naked?
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  4. I would need a photographer
  5. i volunteer
  6. nobody wants to see that
  7. it may take a while to take the fairings off.

    Nice bike btw... looking forward to seeing you when you make it down to Saturday practice again.
  8. umm i better keep my mouth shut again
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  9. LOL funny buggers :)
  10. but i will say nice bike i hope you have many happy times on it Aly
  11. Is that a Toyota Hiace in the background ?
    Top vans ,those Hiaces.
  12. Excellent choice (y)

    Time to take her - sorry, him! - through the cones at Saturday :biker:
  13. Jesus Christ. That's the most offensive thing I've ever heard. My baby is a Volkswagen Caddy.
  14. Thanks minglis. Looking forward to seeing you and Meri again too. I owe you both for spotting me when you did and stopping me running away.
  15. You dont even know what I look like
  16. Nice one aly :) another ninja for saturday mornings. we are starting to take over!
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  17. looks like mine haha, they are a great bike
  18. Over the cones would be a better description
  19. dosnt matter my mouth allways gets me in trouble
  20. maybe you should get out more