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My bands' website...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've just finished updating my bands website and am looking for some feedback. God knows why, but I seem to have come to respect the opinions of some of you reprobates, so if anyone wants to pop over to:


    and tell me what they think, that'd be cool :cool: .

  2. Nice job! Here are a couple of suggestions...

    - I assume the splash page and popup link to the main site are a temporary measure?
    - It would be a good idea to include some short description of the band on the home page. Maybe just something like the opening paragraph from your bio page.
    - Similarly, I think it would be better if your media section defaulted to the audio subsection rather than the, essentially useless, intermediate page containing just the subsection links. It's a good bet that anyone visiting a band's site wants to hear some sample tunes. Let them get there as fast as possible. :)
  3. Honestly, I don't like it. it's slow and a little bit of a mess to navigate. Pop-ups everywhere. Bio text doesn't scroll down for me in Firefox.

    The colours are ok. the music and pix are pretty good too (most importantly)
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate it. Hadn;t thought about whether it works in Firefox, might have to allow for it... Hmmm.

  5. Pete I like, it, but having to click one more time (and have a new window open when that's where you wanted to be in the first place) is one of my pet hates.....

    Also for slobs like me running 1280x1024, the font's a bit small, and it's boring old Times as well, why not try a hip funky font for a hip funky band site??
  6. Get a better connection. Wasent slow for me at all;
    stop looking at p0rn (pop-ups),
    get rid of the spyware &
    get a free copy of pop-up blocker. I didnt get any pop-ups. :LOL:

    Not sure why the windows are smaller than usual, but the content
    is good mate. :wink:
  7. i like to design stuff like that and its abit plain , the text is boring , and so on , ill make you a banner and u can use for your free will


    keep if u like
  8. I've seen your band a couple of times, In fact... i -think- i may have played with you at some stage.

    I used to play double bass in a rockabilly band called 'Regicide'. Also played electric in 'Cheeses of Nazareth'. Neither were particularily memorable.
  9. I remember Regicide. If I recall correctly you guys weren't terrible. You should come see us play at the Hornsby Inn on the 16th... :wink:
  10. Yeah, i saw that, i might go check you guys out then.

    Regicide were alright, but are now really good (I got kicked out, and they are muchas better for it.) Twas always a shit organising 8 bloody band members.

    Sound Tech: You've got how many horns? Errrr... we don't have that many mics.
  11. Then stop uploading your mum's videos :p
  12. Pet hate: Spelling, grammar, words missing out of sentences...shall go through the site for you if you like.

    Another thing - get rid of the click link->new window, click another link-> new window, and another ->new window. I don't want 20 pages loaded on my computer just to look at your site.

    On the gigs page(s)! - When you have the location of where you're playing, include the address. Buggered if I know where the Hornsby Inn is, and I shouldn't have to go to another website entirely to find out where it is (or get off my lazy ass and look in the phonebook :p)

    It was only from going to the Bio page that I realised you're in Sydney. While you might expect Sydneysiders to know where the Hornsby Inn is, what if I, down in Melbourne, happened to be coming up to Sydney around that date and wanted to go support a fellow netrider?

    On the Bio page - I don't like the way you have to move the page. Give me a scroll bar so that I can just press my down button :p

    Media - have all the stuff on the main page, just have it under sub-headings...you link to waaaaaay to many different pages and it's not necessary.

    Why are the windows so small!?

    Sorry if all this sounds harsh :s You asked....I get carried away :p