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My Bandit is Home :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    After a sleepless night I picked up my new Bandit today.
    What a sweet bike it is too and I could have just kept on riding.
    Plenty of grunt down low and you work up through the gearbox in quick time and that's still keeping it under 4000RPM.
    I have heard complaints about the seat but it feels good under my arse.
    It tips into corners like nothing else I have ridden and never once feels unstable.
    Admittedly I have only done 140km but so far so good and no annoying habits yet.
    It has SportMax tyres on it. What are they like? They seem a little noisy.
    Are these bikes not the best value of any capacity in the country?
    I'll write a review when we get to know each other a little better but all the ones you have read are pretty spot on.
    Here's a few pix.




    I have to duck out to the garage and sit on it again :LOL:
  2. Top ride, matey! We have a couple of local (Wollongong) riders who've bought the Bandit and they love'm.
  3. Enjoy it, this'll probably the only time it looks like those promotional pics :p

    What method you using to break it in? I have my eye on a bandit end of winter 09, when I'll have enough dosh to upgrade.

    and hows the fuel injection? pretty snappy, or did they get it right?
  4. Sweeet! Looks absolutely hot 2wheels! Enjoy!! :grin: :grin:
  5. You obviously appreciate the finer things in life and are a man of fine taste. I commend you sir for your impecable choice :LOL:
    I like them so much :dance: I bought 2 :LOL:
    Put 60000 reliable km's on a 99 model, then bought 06 model.
    Only bike in 20 years of riding that I liked so much, that I bought another one :grin:
    I personally would recommend sticking a can on it though :-k They are way too quiet for my personal "cage safety warning proximatey decibel sensor" and pretty restricted with the stock standard muffler on the throttle response side. Mind you yours being the fuel injected version and extra gear and cubes, will be better throttle repsonse than my carb model one would hope. Be interesting to line them up and see the difference off the line.
  6. Noice boike 2WA, congrats!

    Also curious to how you plan on breaking it in.

    Enjoy! :grin:
  7. I think I hit every bug and flying insect in Gippsland today but I managed to avoid a Goanna in the middle of the Strezlecki (sp?) highway. The bike cleaned up ok.

    Running in is by the book. Less than 4000RPM for 800km then less than 6500 for 1000km I think (cant remember). Just vary speed and engine load. 4000RPM is about 120kmh anyway. I may do a 500km oil and filter change. The Suzuki mechanic says there is no need to but I bought oil and filter anyway.
  8. You lucky bugger! Looks great!

    How do you find the handling? I've been told this can be a sore point with the big Bandits.

    Totally agreed about the value, it should be absolutely bulletproof and is IMHO the best all round bike you can buy.

    Looking forward to the review :)
  9. Congrats mate, there is nothing like a brand new bike under you! I know it will bring you many years of fun!
  10. With only 140k on the clock its early days but I can say that if I think about a turn/corner I'm half way through it before I know it. This bike wants to turn and a look at the rear tyre whan I got home sees wear out to 15mm or so of the edges without even trying. When its run in I'm sure that will be less. The bandit has wide bars so there is plenty of leverage.
    My old RF had to be told to turn. It could just be a case of new suspension etc.

    If a rider was used to a fly weight sports bike it could seem like a truck as the Bandit is NOT a sports bike and doesnt pretend to be one.
  11. they are quite a snazzy lookin' thing arent they!?
    love the shiny stuff.
    now, no adventurous bush/scrub parking on this one.... :p
  12. Mate, I have said that to myself many times today.

    They do look great in black. Thanks Joel.

    Be back in a sec I have to sit on it again :LOL: :grin:
  13. we all know he's out there, right now, sitting on it making "vrrooooom, vrooooooooooomm!" noises :grin:
  14. Thanks for your words movin.
    I agree about the can. A Staintune would be nice one day.
    At 100kmh there is more tyre noise than engine/exhaust note.
    It's easily the quietest bike I have ever heard.
  15. Thanks Rosie and when its run in I'm going back to Cape Pat :evil:
  16. Horn bike, man. These things make peak torque at something like 3700 rpm, yeah? That must be awesome. Looks like a great real world muscle bike. Have fun :cool:
  17. Fantastic. Looks brilliant :)
  18. Oh mate thats one hella nice looking bike you got there.
    Really nice choice, and as previously said they are bullet proof so you should have no mechenical problems.
    Just make sure you dont get too anxy on the throttle and start flooring it :LOL: although that could be hard to resist :LOL:
    Oh im so jelous :wink:
  19. Was there any inkling to try it the mototune way?
  20. That is one sexy bike :(...I should have gotten myself a 250CC Bandit...could have been fun. Good on you :D

    phong =P~