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My band is going to be on TV this Friday (NSW)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete the freak, May 22, 2007.

  1. Yo dudes,

    Just thought I'd plug my band:


    We're going to be on a TV show "Live On The Spot" on TVS (Channel 31) this Friday (the 25th) night at 8pm doing a handful of songs live. The show will also be replayed on Saturday (the 26th) at 11am and Sunday (the 27th) at 4pm.

    This is only in Sydney at the moment, the word is that it will be on Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth community TV in the next couple of months.

    Check us out, we're pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself...

    Cheers. :cool:
  2. awesome pete. great news :woot: :roses:
  3. Top work aussie!!
    hope it goes well.

    TV appearances are always a bit weird, are they getting you to play LIVE live, or recorded music with live vocals?
  4. Nah, we recorded it the other day. Played a 3 song set fully live with four camera's on us straight into a vision mixer. Hard to get the ambience right when you're playing a set at 2 in the afternoon to a crowd of 6... :roll:
  5. Wow - that's fantastic Pete! Looking forward to seeing the footage. :)
  6. :cool: That's pretty cool, well done Pete. Give us a heads up when and if it gets a showing in Melbourne.
  7. Will do. They've said that it will definitely be going to air in Melbourne (on your channel 31) in about 12-16 weeks. I'll bump this thread when it happens... :cool:
  8. Is your mum going to record it or should one of us + YouTube it?
  9. We'll be getting a copy on DVD at some point, I'll be Youtubing it from that copy...
  10. cool, that's pretty good, usually TV stations are all 'oh no we don't want to mix a live band, too many levels....'

    I know what you mean about trying to get an ambience when there's no crowd - very difficult.
  11. Superb!