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Featured My bad judgement weekend

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Notrossi, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. This weekend just gone I've travelled at least 1000kms solo through the Gold Coast hinterland and northern NSW on my 2003 gsxr 600.
    I love my bike, I've only had it a few months and I've returned to riding at 41 with a gusto bordering on obsession.
    Actually, it's just obsession plain and simple.
    I've got my suspension dialed in to a point that actually gives me a boner just thinking about the way it handles and my new metzeler m7's are giving me no troubles laying the bike over through the corners.....brakes are great. Everything is just Tippity top thank you very much.
    The problem is me.
    On Saturday I was giving my gixxer a nudge through Woodenbong at a good little clip only to be held up by a cage through a few turns who nicely pulled aside to let me pass......in the meantime a pair of bigger louder sportsbikes filled my rear view mirror.
    Off we went with me in the lead.....i was feeling a little crowded with these two up my clacker while I'm giving my version of a red hot go so as we approached a widening if the road at the border gate I've pulled aside and waved them through.
    Waves back. I assume smiles all round and I pull in behind following and realize they're at about my pace after all so off we all go with myself admiring the rider in front cutting smooth lines on his zx14 ( my dream bike btw )
    I'm feeling great. I decide as I'm reminding my speed after a few years break I'm going to ape his line cos I've only once ridden this road before and he's obviously expert.
    He runs wide. I run wider.
    I've found the gravel on the shoulder and now I'm stopped 10 feet past the start of the guardrail on the wrong side of it.
    Upright. Embarrassed with myself mostly I turn the bike off, take off my gear and pause to drink some water and reflect upon my mistake (s)
    Meanwhile now my bike is turned off I realize it sounds like a bloody racetrack all around me with blokes going like cut cats back and forth through this corner.....I'm cool. I'm just drinking water right? No, I just came the closest I've ever came to having a proper off because I was out riding my ability and also trusting another rider's judgement who I have not even met and have no idea if they know what they're doing or not just because he looked fast for a couple minutes.
    Second dumb moment was today I got baited by a dude on a Harley with his Mrs on the back. Waiting at the red light to go down the goat track he waved for me to lead ( I assumed because he was in cruise mode )
    Off we go at a more than moderate pace and he was glued to my butt.
    This guy could ride I'll give him that but he was obviously more of a mind to show the dick head on the jap crap who was boss.
    I should have known better......Harley riders won't nod back ( mods please do not ban me for the n word ) neither do they warn of bacon round the next bend so next time I'm waved past.....yeah no thanks.
    Lessons learnt.

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  2. glad you stayed shinny side up. Great roads down there, must go do them again soon
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  3. Not all bad, you're still here in one piece and you've realised the mistakes you've made. Now you just gotta learn from them.
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  4. Wise man who lived to tell the tale. Thanks for fun and informative read.
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  5. Live and learn,better than one of my first offs doing the same and gravel bringing me down.Peer group pressure is a powerful thing. Bet you don't do that again, me either
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  6. dude always ride your own line

    as far as Harley riders go, judge each rider on their own merits, you may be surprised to know that there are some a*holes on jappers also :eek: but it seems you found that out. as far as nodding/waving goes, when I'm on my fattie I nod at riders on crotch rockets and they don't nod back to me either so works both ways.

    enjoy the ride mate, glad you didn't get hurt, well except for getting butt hurt from the red hot poker :p
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  7. Thanks for the replies/ well wishes etc....I even received a pm.
    I think it's a worthwhile exercise posting my near misses on a forum such as this one. I had already made up my mind what I did wrong and what I will do in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again but having several people basically say to ride like I'm alone really reinforces it and now it will become one of my own mantras.
    Every time I ride I have a technique or an aspect of riding a motorcycle that I decide upon focusing on for the day's ride.
    Usually only one for each ride because I've found if you're thinking of 2 or more things you're going to change about your riding in a single session you generally tend to muff it.
    So next ride I'll be riding for myself, trusting my own instincts and judgement and not worry so much about how others are riding around me.
    Cheers guys. Safe riding.
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  8. It's awesome that reflected on your road-craft both here and on the shoulder out on the road.
    When I have a weird moment, a near-miss, or a mistake that went a bit far, I do it too.

    It can be a bit hard riding around other bikes to remember what your pace actually is, and I find if I am concentrating more on them than on me, I'll pull over where it's safe and let them all pass.
    The minute or two to get back in the right head-space and the fact nobody's up your clacker anymore make an immense amount of difference.

    Often other motorcyclists misconstrue my presence on a supersport (and perhaps as a female on a supersport) bike as an invitation to race, or otherwise ride like a f'wit - so you're not alone there either.

    You have as long as you want to get incrementally better - and I know when I'm a bit better at handling the CBR, I'll get my yah-yahs out on the race-track - then I'll show 'em who can ride like a hoon lol
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  9. Great read. Thanks for sharing NotrossiNotrossi
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  10. Thanks for writing about your experience. It's good to watch other riders and see what they do, but I've learned from your experience to not think I'm as good or capable as all of them. I'm glad it was only your pride that was damaged, and only for a while.
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  11. Great read NotrossiNotrossi, I like the way you think, thanks. As a somewhat noob on the bike, you've given me something to think about when out on rides. I often find myself reviewing during rides or when I get home.
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  12. Thanks NotrossiNotrossi, as a newbie/learner to the world of motorcycle riding, your account is a sobering one for me as I sometimes think I should speed up so as not to inconvenience those behind me, and sometimes don't place enough emphasis on concentrating on my lines and speed into corners. Well written and very timely for me. Thanks again.
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  13. I'm a bit late to this one. But I'm glad you learned the first lesson without actually crashing. I learned the same lesson, but I wasn't so lucky.

    As for the HD rider with his Mrs on the back, it's been my experience that pricks on Harley's were probably pricks before they got a Harley and will be pricks after they get rid of the Harley.
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  14. agree with b12mickb12mick

    another point of view is that maybe he didn't know the OP was on a restricted licence and thought that you would zoom off ahead of him when he waved you through.

    still doesn't excuse him tailgating you though.

    I've been on a ride through Nasho (RNP south of Sydney) with a mate on a 1200 BMW, me on the fatboy. a group of HD riders came up behind us and were acting impatiently so we waved them through. when they got in front they ended up slowing down and they held us up as the back of their group were terrible riders but they all tore ahead of us on the straight when we backed off. had this happen other times with large groups bullying past.

    the takeaway is to just worry about who/what's in front of you in those situations and to ride your own ride. if they want to get in front then they can overtake if they're quick enough otherwise just ignore them.
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  15. Yeah I'm not on a re licence......I left him in the turns but I wasn't trying to go flat out and was pretty much on the speed limit. Kind of. He was definitely going as hard as possible through the turns and like I said, he could ride. I wouldn't have a hope of getting a bike the size of his down there as well as he did.
    He basically gave his bike a fistful on the straights and was trying to intimidate me my gluing himself to my rear wheel.
    Pretty much just being a knob.
  16. Or he was just enjoying himself following another rider and thought you wouldn't mind....Just saying.
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  17. Nah. Nobody rides 1 foot off the back of someone else......
    Edit... maybe they do and he did. I sure didn't take kindly to it though. No biggie really I spose but definitely unsafe riding and a good way to have a stack.
  18. I know somebody who does! He was trying to put his front tyre on my pillion seat on the weekend.
  19. Yep, people certainly do ride like that. I have. But only with riders I have ridden with for a long long long long time. I've seen other people do it to randoms, they thought it was fun, the other party, not so much.