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my baby..

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Christi, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. hi Everyone, just poppin in to say g'day and that ive been riding for sometime but havent been to a forum for a while, at the moment im riding a honda vtr 250 and its a sweet lil thing. but i cant wait to get something that has a bit more oomph to it. And sounds like a real bike. anyway nice to meet you all!

  2. Welcome to NR Christi.
  3. Welcome :)
  4. Is that another girl I see!! Woo Hoo....LOL.
  5. Welcome to NR! Plenty of information and friendly people here. And I see you are in Brissy too. We ride Glorious/Nebo every sunday morning if you are interested in coming along for a spin. All capacities, and the pace is 'your own'. :)
  6. Thanks so much!! very much Appreciated id love to come :)
    Yes another Girl!! Yippeeee!!!! :D

  7. HI Christi, good to see another girl on here, and from Brisbane too! Yay,, Girl power!! Might see you out and about!
  8. Howdy and welcome!
    I'm also excited to hear about more woman riding. :)
  9. Im sure you will!! have only been on one group ride and liked it, and would like to experience another one