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My baby

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Tracecon, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. My 2009 Yamaha XVS650 Custom. Blinged up with custom paint job, V&H slash cut, grips, mirrors, horn cover and bullet indicators. Took the L plates off for the shots - love it, well at least for 3 -5 years.



  2. i like it, looks tops, needs a 240 wide tyre though :)
  3. Very nice!

  4. Dad's got an XV750 and it only has a 130 rear tyre. Doesn't seem right, but it looks perfectly normal.
    Infact it looks a lot bigger.. I was quite surprised when I read the numbers on the side.

    PS: nice ride bro (y)
    Not often that I like the outcome of "bling"-like airbrushing but thats just awesome

    Works especially well on the midnight version (ie. black engine and frame, not chrome)

  5. I love the paintwork and your handgrips, very very nice bike. Congratulations!
  6. if u dont mind telling, what did the airbrushing end up costing?
  7. There's only one way I can put it. A good looking bike made HOT!
  8. Thanks for the comments all - BTW tyres stock. Will look at upgrading when I have a bit of extra cash, but not too fussed. Airbrushing was $1200.

    Truthfully, this was my wifes but she now has a Triumph Speedmaster. That was the intentional plan as she always had her MC licence but has not ridden for 10 years. So we agreed that she get a 650, bling it up to how I want it then when I got my learners she upgrades to what ever she wanted. It was a toss up between a cheap Harley or the Speedmaster - wise choice in the end. So the 650's mine for a few years then I'll upgrade.
  9. A great looking bike mate!! :):)
  10. great look. the headlight, the paint the grips.

    thought about one of those hypercharger intake thingies?

    i know your gonna want to keep on pimping. in 3 years time this will be a seriously trick bike :p
  11. Yep, one of those hypercharger intake thingies are on the cards too. Probably the next bit of bling, then forward controls. I notice when on the 650 I actually have to lift my foot off the peg to change down as I cant get my foot to bend enough when on the peg. That's with boots or shoes. When I sat on the Speedmaster, easy to do with the controls forward.
  12. Did I see this in Adelaide this morning about 8:30am turning onto Main North Road with a pillion?

    If I did, looks sweet in the metal. If I didn't, you got yourself a doppelganger!
  13. :rofl: - just what someone wants to hear after spending thousands on modding a bike - "I just saw another one EXACTLY like that..."

    Looks good though, the paint looks like a nice job, and the blackout on the rest of the metal makes the pipes stand out nicely.

    That's one hot lookin LAMS bike :LOL:
  14. Nope. Lives here with me in Port Lincoln.

    Cheers Darkhorse.