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My Baby Z pushed to the point of no return

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MystDmeanr, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    It 31st of Dec so you all know what days it is.

    On this surpose to be wonder day, which it started out to be.

    I decided to give my baby Z a service (my 1st DIY) to start the new year

    I started off going to my local parts store to get my DIY servicing supplies, the usually - Motul engine oil, oil filter, Belray chain lube, degeaser and jus for good measure new brake pads.

    Got home and let her cool down aliitle, drained her oil and and sprayed a sh*t load of degeaser on her chain and engine to clean her up(being careful not the spray any rubber parts), had a beer while she finished dripping, plugged her up topped her off, wash her off, and whoa she came up spanking new.

    Next i replaced her brake pads and took her for a spin to test her stopping power and to warm the chain again. Lubed the chain with the trusty ol Belray chain lube. wait a little for it to settle than took her for another spin, as all of you in Syd know what the weather was like on this day, i jus lover the free air con. hehehe

    Now comes the part that destoryed my day.

    Been so hot that day i stopped into the corner store for a quick pit shop, while in there i man appoached me seening me get off my baby Z, advertising his motorbike wreckers business, jus my luck i was trying to find a wrecker nearby to replace broken indicators and bolts.

    On my way out i spot a car driving pass my baby then started backing up, i went back in to the store cuz i forgot my drink, and then i hear the worst sound, a sound that every rider fears to hear, the sound of your baby
    crashing to the tarmac, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    The drivercame out saying Sorry, then he tried lifting my baby up with no sucess losing his grip and droping her again before i could get there to save her from the Ding dong of a mofo.

    On 1st inspection only a few scratchers and a small crack in the flairing, i can live with that, iam saying to myself,he offered me $100 for the damage(as i was goin to repair other damages done by me in the near future) i accepted it, but at a closer look, BAH WTF did you do?, i said as i notice the part holding the rear brake pedal and right side peg, snapped clean off. I have no rear brake now, i told him another $100 wont cover that, he gave me another $200 to replace the part.

    As i didnt know how much it was goin to cost to get 1 from a wrecker, that seemed alright, so iam hopin it isnt more than that.

    NOTE: the only reason why i accected cash and not by insurance is that i dont have the time to go though the process and the damage was minimal, the bike is still ridable just with no peg and rear brake till i get it replace.

    So that was my story, my first broken part since i had my baby,

    To continue the post, if you have story that involves your baby being pushed to the point of no return, post it up and if anyone knows how much the [art cost to replace give me a yell (94 ZZR250)

    Thanks all for reading my post.:p

  2. Sorry to hear about the damage, at least the driver stuck around and was apologetic about what they had done rather than do a runner.
    Bit of a coincidence that a bike wrecker spoke to you minutes before the accident hey :)

    Anyhoo good luck with the repairs & i hope the cash covers the damage,
    this will be my last post for the year so i will speak to you all in a week when i return from my trip (Hopefully having caught lots and lots of big trout :p )
  3. Hi Kraven,

    hope you have a wonderfull trip and when you get back post some pics of the 1 that got away.hehehe

    Happy new years mate.
  4. Why didnt you ask the wrecker what the parts were going to cost?

    Sorry to hear it, good that the damage is minimal.
  5. The wrecker left before the accident, what a shame, i would have asked if he was still there
  6. Sorry to hear of your misshup... but if you look hard and long I think you will endup with some change from the $200... try ebay for the fairing I have seen one go some time with NO bids and the biding satarted at $15!! the bracket can be bought from the local wrecker... about $90 or so I think (at least that's the price for the ZZR600 bracket)
  7. We picked up a RHS footpeg bracket for Caspar's (NinjaBaby) babyblade for $70 today. The thing snapped clean while I was pumping the brake for a bleed (it had been welded, very dodgily I might add). So if that exact part can be found for $70 for a zx2r import, you should get it cheap as chips for a zzr.

  8. sorry to hear bro, heres a conspiracy theory, maybe the wrecker guy and the guy that hit your guy have a sort of system....ill just shut up :LOL: hope you get her on the road again.
  9. Thanks for the prices guys, iam goin to the wreckers in few days and if the bracket is that cheap i'll be smiling (time to top up the fridge with V8) hehehe

    Happy New Year, wish you guys all the best
  10. Hope you do get it cheap Dmeanr - your baby got knocked over - you deserve some beer to calm your nerves :LOL:
  11. The wrecker was driving the car...now that would be twisted.