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My baby killed me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mkl112, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, this is my first post on Netrider, nice to meet you all!

    I'm sorry for this little rant, but I am quite sad at the moment and just want to share with you guys what happened.

    I've recently booked in for the MOST test. I owned an Aprilia RS125 smoker, i love it, especially that noise and smell and the feel when I ride. After hearing many having trouble with the MOST test on this bike, I have decided to practice hard for the test so I can pass with my own bike, with pride! Practice went well and I am relatively confident of passing the test, feeling much better on the bike too. And then tonight, the night before my test, I wanted to take it out for one last ride before the test, it started out normally, all happy to see me :woot: Then I took off and down the road, as I go on to second gear, it dies.....:cry: I try to start it again, changed a new plug in, do all sort of things to no success. If it does not start again early tmr, looks like I will have to rent one of their bike to do the test. So sad....

    Thanks all for listening to my rant.
  2. bike's need petrol too.....?
  3. who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a two-stroke?
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  4. How does it sounds like.....hope its not the bottom end.

    Dont worry, its the perfect excuse to use their bike.............that should be far easier than the Ape.
  5. The same evil that makes you hoon on a two stroke and the same evil that says "I might be a little 125cc, but ill try my darndest to buck you off" ;-P........Italians are very temperamental.
  6. Who said anything about Italians? My Yamaha RD-250 had a little pocket under the seat with two spare spark plugs in it, and that was 1974 :LOL:....
  7. That's funny - when I was on my old RD250, I often kept used spark plugs in my pocket!
    Somehow I don't think it was for the same reason as you, though...
  8. ....err, no :LOL:

    How to explain in words a visual joke..?.

    Motorcyclist Magazine used to have a funny picture on the last page (this is back in the 70s), called, with great imagination, 'The Back Page'.

    One I remember vividly was two pictures, one on the top half of the page, and one on the lower half.

    In the top picture there was a man in a long overcoat, buttoned up, standing next to an indeterminate two-stroke road bike. The caption read "Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a two-stroke?"

    In the bottom picture, the man has his coat flung open, and sewn into the lining on both sides are dozens of little pockets, each containing a spark plug. The caption read "Spark-Plug Man does"
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  9. And this one needs petrol with a dash of oil.
  10. Just use their bikes mate. I got an RS125 also and they are just a nightmare at low speeds. I passed the test so easy the instructor was surprised (probably assumed I didn't own a bike).

    As soon as you get your P's book a track day at Eastern Creek. Best thing I did! The bike is made for the track. I just also did Philip Island and managed to pass a TLR1000, CBR1000 and a Triumph TT600... all under braking and through corners of course. LOL!
  11. I failed guys :( feels so bad now. just couldnt feel their bike. I think i was thinking too much going into the test. got 2 more weeks before the L expires... damn. and my rs started again when i came back today :nopity: mayb im just sh*t, couldnt even pass on their bike.. sigh.... thanks for the support though guys! back to the drawing board.
  12. OK, so maybe you are just shit?
    But you're not gonna know that until you stop feeling sorry for yourself, grow up and give it another red-hot go. Are you?
    It's not about the bike you're on, it's mostly about whether you've practised the test skills and have some confidence about yourself.
    So, you know what to do.
    With love,
  13. yeah! def. will practice hard and do it again!
  14. Good.
    Now get yourself into the "Introductions..." section and introduce yourself properly, before I come around and bite your face.
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  15. Book yourself in for the full day course, on your bike or one of theirs. They essentially teach you the course and it has a much much higher pass rate, you also get heaps of useful advice and roadcraft education that you dont get when you just do the test.

    Anyway welcome to nr
  16. +1 ....grow a set...get amongst it...you'll be right just stop ****ing around and getting emotional...emotion's much like kitchens are for women - we don't belong.

    if your in syd or melb get into the learner sessions or hit up someone local to you on here to give you some pointers and put a boot up your ass as i reckon that's all you need...and like nitekreeper mentioned i think confidence is the issue here...my woman is the same...i facepalm and told her she's not allowed to ride with that attitude.
  17. hmmm ... more practise Grasshopper :D :rofl:

    Back to basics for you....
  18. yeah haha chillout guys, im not getting emotional. gonna be ready to come back with vengeance
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  19. +1
    What NK said

    i nearly failed the MOST on my cbr250rr & would probably failed on my 600SS

    those bikes weren't made for low speed riding

    just keeping practicing & dont give up
  20. Are you serious? get more skills :-({|=