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My baby is home :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slow Coach, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. I had to tell some one. I have just collected by CBR1100 and riden her home. It is fantatsic being back on two wheels.

    Take care out there and see some of you around.

  2. Awesome! Post some pics when you get a chance :)
  3. :worthlesspics:

    You have to post, its one of the two main types of posts on netrider!

    Enjoy the new beast!!!!
  4. Sorry I did not get any photos. Was dark when I got home. Will post some tomorrow.
  5. it is tomorrow :LOL:
    or is it that tomorrow never comes :rofl:
  6. very nice, you mean its fantastic being back on 1 wheel right??
  7. Sorry was actually out riding it. Just home, not had time to wash it so here is a photo. If I can found out how to attach it.

    Think I have done it right.
  8. Nice. Just the bike I'm after.

    Where did you get her from, and for how much? (if you don't mind me asking)
  9. Nice machine, she will serve you well.

    There really is nothing like a bird.
  10. didnt have time to wash her??
    she doesnt need a wash!!! :p was a good ride today mate, good to see the new bird in action too :grin:

  11. Does anyone think its coincidence that bikes go missing if someone logs onto a forum congratulates someone on their new bike, notices where they live, asks for a picture of bike so can see the color & surrounding of it, then asks where they bought it & for how much.........

    or am i just being paranoid who knows :roll: [/list]
  12. :shock:
  13. Hadn't noticed that.
  14. Spot paranoia. :)

    If someone spots my surroundings, come in for a beer. Bought mine in brighton. :D
  15. Lol. You guys must be the type that wear tin hats! :LOL:

    I was just asking as I'm looking to get a 'bird as soon as I'm in a position to do so - a month or two, hopefully. I soon as I know what I'm doing, I'll put a deposit down. Hopefully there will still be one or two left. If not, I'll have to go with 'Plan B'. :wink:

    Now I bet you're thinking, "I wonder what he means by 'Plan B'?"
  16. lol do tell! :grin:
  17. i can think of one: starts with "D" ends with "ucati"

    just fluffin ya feathers :cool:
  18. hey rocketeer, is it just me or are you having a go at tweet??? :?

    and may i add to Ilse of Cam, thats an awesome bike and i know you will love it more and more everyday, what neck of the woods r u from? always nice to get the birds together for a ride.