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my baby (honda vtr250)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by spenaroo, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. thought id put up a thread on my vtr 250,
    as it seems to be evolving, when i bought her it was everything i wanted in my first bike. and seemed perfect. however its slowly evolving. my intention was never to really spend alot of money on her or change her as logic was to wait till i upgraded. but it seems that its just naturally changing,

    pics of when i bought her:

    so after i started working as an spare parts apprentice for peter Stevens dandenong i found some indicators in the clearance bin (the rears) and installed them, placing the original rears on the front. but i had the battery on when i was wiring them up to make shure they worked properly and it flattend them. so when i tried to bump start it i lost my balance and the bike took off. breaking the mirrors and handlebars.

    so i replaced the bars with some ace bars (benefits of my work is access to all the catalogs, and being paid to read them:p) which is sweet but altered my riding position and made my mirrors (now fixed) redundant as they were almost impossible to use with the new bars, so i ordered some bar-ends. as normal mirrors couldnt match the angle of the bars. these work better then the stock ones ever did. and i think match the bike better.

    so how the bike looks now:
    IMG_0238. IMG_0240. IMG_0241. IMG_0242.

    all up ive spent around $150 in personalizing her,
    will she have more done? while i don't plan to... i know she will evolve naturally as things wear and need replacement etc.... and as i see more stuff at work
  2. mate, me likes. those are the hangas that id be puttin on mine if i also do some customising. id be going the black n blue look (blue VTR 250).
  3. twin headlights is all ur missing :)
  4. thought about it,
    tbh i dont really like the twin's. think i may do some projectors in an over under set-up. but the single has grow on me..... i hated it at first, but now i think it suits its with the lower bars

    but more likely ill place an flyscreen on it, though i do like twins in this set-up (think triumph tripple or buell xb12r)
  5. The VTR is a lovely bike but stop spending money on it and save for what you want in 12 months time!
  6. Nice look you got going there...

    But do they also sell sponges and wash at this bike place where you work? Couldn't hurt... ;)
  7. true, and im always trying to be mindfull of this...... but at the same time that is 12 months away, and if it adds to the experience or enjoyment for those 12 months then i think its worth it. and i havent spent mush on it. the next few things ill spend cash on is upgrading parts when they wear like spark plugs and brake pads. to a higher spec

    beside im looking at buying an 86 honda xr250 for trail riding so that will take some time/money from me. and prevent anything major being done to the vtr.

    and yes they do sell all the cleaning products....... but then thats less time riding:p though it needs a wash.
  8. she looks funny with the bars.
    well done
  9. Cool mate, how is it going? Make anymore changes, have a red vtr 1999 myself and wouldn't mind tweaking with it on the cheap ;)

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  10. not recently,
    did a full service on satdy though. best thing ive done so far

    i have some plans:p either putting a flyscreen on (currently looking at modding a triumph thruxton to suit), or changing the rear light and tail section
  11. Yep,

    I would be muckin about with the tail on it too - a good tidy tail on the VTR would improve looks no end - I would also consider dual headlights too - for that street fighter look.

    Nuthin wrong with playing with your first bike whilst you wait for your next bike - that's how we learn...
  12. Cool, i'm planning to spray mine matt black, thats my no:1 priority, the red is faded and off, but i will keep it matt black/red tones. Dont want to spend much, so thinking of spraying it myself.
  13. streetmaster paints bikes, pm him if interested
  14. Is he in Vic?

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  15. had an idea today of removing the rear fairing (undee the seat) and replacing it with sheet metal, then add a numberplate bracket and small led brakelight
    (made for road legal trail bike's).

    would look simmillar to this
    [​IMG] maybe add a rear fender like the ducati monster though to drop it down at the end and keep the police happy
  16. oh and anyone able to identify that bikini fairing??
  17. That looks sweet, and a tight hugging rear fender that looks painted on the tyre would work too.
  18.  Top
  19. Chop that tail mate
    this is what I did on my sons VTR

    If you have not checked out perthstreetbikes.com
    they have a lot of VTR action in the 250 section

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  20. i wish i did that on mine but 2 months left till i upgrade so its probs not worth it :(