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My Baby Got Blue LEDs

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by sirroger, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Hello again everyone, haven't posted here in a while.

    Check out new pics of my gorgeous ocean green VFR 750F in the "garage"
    I'm slowly modding the exterior of the bike, so far it got

    polished wheels
    many carbon fibre-look bits
    shiny brake and clutch fluid caps
    silver flames on the lower fairing - stickered and sprayed
    the compulsory staintune high rise can
    xenon headlights

    Coming up:
    blue neon light throughout
    ?polished engine and clutch covers
    aluminium chain guard

    I will be looking into upgrading the suspension, getting a dynojet kit fitted at some point of time and also considering to elevate the rear of the bike by 1.5-2 cm by getting one of those high-rise kits from ebay.

    I do not have much experience with suspension or high-rise kits. Anyone knows or tried them before? Should i get my rear shock reconditioned or should i go for an aftermarket shock? a good place in sydney to have it done?

    Cheers and Many Sunny Days!

  2. :LOL: Its looks Fully Sick!!!

    Nahh all jokes aside it looks very tidy, nice work.

    But should put a pic in the thread so we don't have to go searching :grin:
  3. Sorry but I can't see any pics. Am I doing something wrong ???
  4. Ya gotta click the bike link under his name, that will take you to his Forum Garage, pics are there.
  5. Thanks for that.... :grin:
  6. that's a damn tidy VFR :)

    love the colour, though in the pic your helmet should face the other way "nose down" so it doesn't tip over (less chance for it to fall off the bike then, nearly learnt that the hard way)
  7. A couple new pics from a recent ride to Stanwell park



    Currently in the mail:
    Aluminium chain protector
    CF main fairings inserts
    More blue LEDs :)

    Looking for:
    Y2K mirrors
    Polished bar ends to replace worn out and scratched to buggery stock ones
    Advice on replacing rear shock
    a better rider (just kidding)

  8. Do a search on ebay , you will probably find some chrome bar ends will look nice on that bike.
  9. Now with LEDs :)
    now turns heads even in the dark...


  10. You have now been pimped
  11. I think I might work on this for the Ninja...and my Greek/Australian accent. :LOL:
  12. I don't know about NSW, but in QLD blue and red neons are illegal as emergency services vehicles use these colours for their disco lights.
  13. Its the same across all States. ADR rules state that any running light can be white/amber faceing forward, and red faceing rear (something anlong those lines).

    This dont mean he can not display these lights while parked. I seen this bike last night and its very Bling!