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My Baby Girl GSX400F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by nikosg, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Just picked up my very first bike last night!! And can say I'm the very proud owner of a one Suzuki GSX400F 1981 beauty!!!! She is so so very nice! Im so stoked!

    Had a mate ride her home for me last night, and took her for a spin down the factories, just too much fun. Cannot wait to get some serious practice on this absurdly powerful LAMS bike!

    Will post pics hopefully later today! (what a day in Melbourne!!)

    The only issue I've encountered with her, is getting her up onto the centre stand! I still can't do it and I've got a bit of size to me. My mate struggled (120kg big guy!) but we finally got there. Does anyone else have one of these or like it? It just seems the pivot point of the stand is in the wrong spot making things difficult. Any advice to prevent me from dropping her in the garage would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Look forward to seeing some of you down beach road ;)

    EDIT pics as promised :D


  2. Ooh a baby Katana! Nice...

    Take a look at this vid, and see if you're making the "mistakes" he mentions - centre-stands aren't hard if you have technique...
  3. thanks nitekreeper ill definitely work on that!
  4. What I do to make life easier to get the bike on the centre stand is get a brick and a piece of wood and make a small ramp from them. Then roll the front wheel up the ramp and hold it. Then what I do is put down the centre stand with my foot and then release the front brake and the bike will start rolling backwards. When it starts doing this, pull on the handlebars (while still holding down the centre stand) and you will have it on the centre stand.
    It took me a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, works perfectly.
    I hope this helps.
  5. What is this bullshit?
    Just learn to do it properly, fer fuck's sake...
  6. You seen the centre stand for a Cf Moto V5?
    It's smaller than my D!ck. No way in hell you can put it up without any help..
    I know -- Only solution is to buy a better bike. Maybe next year.
  7. I don't care WHAT bike it's on...
  8. its under control now gents.... faaaggettabbbooouttetttttt
  9. Looks to be in great condition. Congrats!
  10. Looks amazing, congrats!
  11. ^^ I agree - looks immaculate. Well done, enjoy...