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My Aprilia Mods (RS125)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by AhrimaaN, May 15, 2009.

  1. Well it's time I had my own thread after receiving my bike a little while ago. I went overseas for a few weeks and while I was away a few bits and pieces arrived for me to fit.

    First of all this is what it looked like before as I bought it: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=63882

    OK first up and only thing done so far is the Fender Eliminator installed last night.


    I just need to stick the reflector on the bottom (left my drill at work so couldn't do it last night) underneath the plate and it is 99% legal apart from being a proper 45 degree mudguard thingy.

    Next up:
    (Once I get the appropriate Jets to play with)

    Need to get a decent tank protector, though honestly just looking at getting a cheapo carbon look-alike. The motrax real carbon ones aren't angular enough for this bike imo.

    And then a GP shifter Mod... (as simple as a new brake lever).

    Thinking about some crash bungs... (I have some dodge ones) and I have some racing ergal bar ends too which I want to paint/anodize (ugly green atm).

    I'll update slowly as I do more and more...
  2. Looking good mate, great to see some modifications!
  3. very nice, any chance I can borrow your factory fender so I can get a RWC done? :LOL:

    Was this the bike that was being auctioned on Ebay as an unwanted prize?

    Just so you can walk through anyone thinking of doing this mod, was it a straight unbolt and disconnect electrics, and then bolt on?
  4. Yep it was on ebay... haha

    GMC tools sponsored the Aus GP a year or so back and some dude just won it for buying a tool - didn't ride so sold it straight to the guy I bought it from... haha I have the prize receipt and everything. It's a resprayed 07 Black model with two black seats, and was first registered Mid 08. The guy before me just removed some of the stickers (obviously GMCish)

    As for this FE - dead easy. Evotech-Performance... bolt on and off, no cuts, nothing else. It reuses the reflector (if you want it) and plate light from the stocker. Got a better photo or two today after I attached the reflector for 99% legality.

    Yep you can borrow the guard for RWC if you want, it's just going to sit there until I need the next RWC. Do you have the light and reflector from yours still to stick on it?

    Went down to A1 (unfortunately) today and lo and behold the service guy wasn't in so they couldn't help me with Jets. They are fcuking useless there, pity no one else really services Aprilias. Any tips to get some Dellorto's pretty quickly online or not?
  5. That's an awesome buy man, I had a look at it and thought....if only I had the money and didn't have this fascination with tinkering.

    Yeah I've got all the original bits, the only things I'm missing is the mud guard (the one mounted on the swingarm), tank prop and the fender......strange how things go missing, I have got hte manuals though! Thanks for that, I'll PM you to get contact details and whatnot.

    Which A1 did you go to? Sean in Ringwood is an absolute legend, really helpful and friendly. I would say PJEngineering in the UK would send stuff over, being small and light components they should be pretty cheap to ship over. If you want something local, try a go-kart shop as rotax engines are used all the time. You could also try roadrocket, they might have stuff too.
  6. Is Sean the 100 foot tall built like a tank bloke out in the service area?
  7. :LOL: Sean is the shorter guy, around 5'7", normal build and brownish hair. Doesn't work on Mondays.
  8. Lookin' sharp! Not a bad kit, looks perfectly legal to me. I don't think you need the rear 'guard' of the old one to be legal anyway, the rear hugger and general tail section cover the wheel completely so I don't see any illegality at all.

    Schmick kit, be good to see the pipe go on once you get some upsize jets sorted.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. I thought that too about the rear hugger, technically I think there is no legality. Regardless if you want an easier RWC go to a car mechanic licensed to do bikes. An RS I was looking at to buy a while ago had no rear hugger and it looked good apart from the bolt hole where it is supposed to be attached. Frankly I like the idea of not flinging up too much crud under my bike... However I do wish the oil tank was black or could be covered or something.

    On a side note... have you guys thought about GPS mounting onto the RS?? It would aid my road navigation out bush to the real roads quite a bit. I'm going to start looking at a handlebar mount dealio (or perhaps yoke) but frankly I think the fairing/screen is too low and tight to do this. Probably some sort of tank bag with a clear cover is the way to go, then just wire up a lead to a hacked car charger and it should be ok to go I suppose.
  10. For the oil tank, mask it with black contact. Easy and cheap. Removable, too.

    With the GPS, I immediately thought of velcro or suction cups. My pic would be adhesive velcro...a tab of it in each corner and then some corresponding tabs on the bike. Sticks when you want it, and when you leave the bike just rip it off and stash in your pocket. If using a weatherproof case for it, stick the tabs to that.

    Cheers - boingk
  11. You can get tank bags with a clear pocket on the front especially designed for GPS/maps/phones, trinkets. Oxford does them, but you pay through the nose for something that they make. I've noticed most of their tank bags are magnetic too.

    If you do the black contact, leave a small long strip visible on your oil tank, that way you can glance underneath and see how much oil you have ;)

    I personally like the rear hugger, that's why I'm buying the TYGA cabon kit. It keeps the dirt off the rear shock, that 's the primary driver for me :)
  12. A semi-local stockist for dellorto parts is Gowanloch's in Sydney. I'm getting prices and availability for jets off them, will PM you the info when I get it.
  13. OK... so I've had a proper good clean up of my bike and a good inspection of what's required in my Exhaust swap... and Unfortunately the Carby needs to be completely removed to change the jet which is a little annoying (at least time wise)... I still need to source some jets and then I will take the plunge and do it. (interesting link for my own reference: http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=17124 )

    I'm probably doing a track day on the long weekend coming but frankly I'm thinking it would be smarter to do it without the new exhaust as I would have no time to run it in and tune it before flogging it.

    Can anyone confirm the size of the jets for PHBH28?? is it 6mm?
    - and can anyone confirm what an 07 aprilia jet default size is? According to ApriliaYorkshire: https://www.apriliayorkshire.co.uk/catalogue/partindex.jsp;jsessionid=aOIbC5FN0mU8 the default full power jet from 06 onwards is 126, and the restricted is 115. Hmmmm I think I will order 122, 129, 130 and 132 just to be sure.

    I also found that my central fairing bolt LHS has vibrated off... d'oh. So I went around and made sure they were all tight and have to find a replacement now... anyone have a single spare allen keyed aprilia fairing bolt they wouldn't mind throwing my way?

    I have some crash bungs I looked at installing but I just need a slightly bigger spacer, and perhaps a longer bolt before I can mount them without damaging the fairings. I think I would only put these on for track days though as they would look a bit silly poking out the side.

    I also had a go at removing my bar ends and wow my clutch handlebar started to twist loose from the yoke haha... needless to say I stopped trying to remove the bar end and tightened up the handlebar as much as I could. Do these have a certain torque rating at all? My allen wrench is pretty worn down in that size!

    On a completely different note I received my Garmin Quest GPS and ram-mount to stick it to my bike... but the hole in the steering stem bolt is too small for the ram mount to fit in (by about 1mm or so) - major bummer!!!
    Can the steering yoke allen-nut thingy be replaced with an item with a bigger hole easily???? Or do I have to rig up a bolt through the stem pinching at either end, rather than from inside?

    Will get photos this weekend!
  14. RS125 workshop manual states:
    Idle jet is either 50 or 62
    main jet is 120

    Have you checked what the pommie guys do when they get a full exhaust on? That will atleast give you a rough idea on jet size.

    Thread tightening torque:
    M6 6Nm
    M8 15Nm
    M10 30Nm
    M12 55Nm
    M14 85Nm
    M16 130Nm

    If your handle bar is twisting, you need to tighten up the bolt through the top triple clamp :)

    ummm I can't picture what you're trying to do with modifications to do, maybe when I pick up the fender I'll see what you're trying to do.
  15. talk about inconsistent information:

    So I'm guessing you'd need a good range of main jets from 165 to 175.
  16. From pissing about on various forums I believe the US full spec (non-road legal version fully unrestricted) is around 170, the standard euro is 128 (115 restricted) and the older model is 120 (a la boingk).

    This is why I would prefer to take my carby off and check - and was going to do it last weekend but didn't realise the jet is on the underside and needs complete removal of the carby to do (d'oh) so I think I'll ring up A1 just to check if they know, and otherwise just get 129/130 and wing it. Which reminds me I need an O-Ring tool to adjust the needle. hmmm.

    Putting in a new air filter according to PJME requires stepping up at least 5 jet sizes so that's why I would imagine there is such a huge discrepancy in sizes across the US to Euro models, take out a CAT and stick on a race exhaust, pod filter and lose the rev limit and I can imagine the jet sizes varying hugely.

    My Arrows exhaust isn't full race spec a la JL or some of the Jolly Motos so isn't recommended to need the bigger carb/rejet to work to its max though... so maybe I am just waaaaaay overthinking this and should just do it, adjust the needle if need be and then decide whether to rejet after I've driven it a little bit.

    Just remembered I need to top up the radiator fluid as it was down when I checked it on the weekend.
  17.  Top
  18. dammit I was going to bid on those parts too, I was tempted to buy one to break it and then plastic weld :shock:

    I wasn't going to bid on that one, but one of the other pieces.

    Yeah I think the best way to do it is to check what is in our carbies and then go up a few jet sizes from there.
  19. Do you mean parts 8 & 9 here:


    Just go to a bolt shop and tell them what you need and they'll be able to get one for you for under $1 .....otherwise pick one up from A1 when you get your fairings....expect to pay $10+ for it though!

    How's this for awesome parts:

    I think we need to find a mould maker here in Aus :)
  20. Yep just one of those bolts... I'll see what A1 want to sting me for on this weekend most likely... might see if I can do without however (depending on crash bungs).

    As for the body panels... and seat cowl.. great... but how can the cowl almost cost half of a whole body set? ahaha.

    OK this is what I'm talking about: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/PhotoGallerys/Aprilia-RS125-dash.jpg

    the hole in the stem bearing thingy in the middle bottom of the triple clamp/yoke is not quite big enough for my accessory ram mount thingy.

    Do you think I could find a replacement part (number 3 here: https://www.apriliayorkshire.co.uk/...if&_bikename=RS 125 2006&_pagename=Front fork ) that would have a bigger allen key size (or alternate system) and still fit the bike?

    It is meant to look like this when installed: http://www.apearson.com/ducati/ap1_9375_sm.jpg

    I've got a couple of questions on how the stem twisting works. The ram mount works by clamping to ends of a rubber tube down so that when you tighten the ends the rubber tube fattens out and thus fills out the internal hole size of the yoke to grip from inside. Would this mean that the ram mount would stay in line with the frame of the bike, or the forks?

    If I were to rig up a way of sticking the ram mount on purely by clamping it to both ends through the entire assembly... is this possible or would this hamper the turning ability of the forks? - I'm unsure whether part 10 on the microfiche above is hollow all the way through... which would be an issue.