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My apology

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dan.adl, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I'm sorry everyone, It just needed to be said while I was riding today I;
    - killed some bugs
    - blasphemed
    - sped too much
    - didn't speed enough
    - nodded at a scooter
    - didn't nod at another rider
    - took my helmet off at the servo
    - wore ATGATT
    - didn't wear ATGATT
    - thanked a nice person for keeping to the left
    - blasted past someone at warp speed for no real reason
    - put my left glove on first

    I hope at least some of you can forgive me.
  2. You nodded at a scooter? Damn, I keep doing that too.
  3. I also wear ATGATT sometimes
  4. Some of these new scooters you just cant tell they are scooters from the front anymore with all the 'styling'... not until you go past them and go... 'hey wait a second... GODDAMNIT!'
  5. I nodded at a scooter yesterday too, even though I knew damn well it was a scooter.

    What can I say, she was hot.
  6. Yeah second that. Even Ducati's decided to make things confusing:

    Attached Files:

  7. Nothing wrong with spreading the love
    Well is there
  8. You forgot that you rode somewhere to have a beer.
  9. Spreading the love is fine, but diseases no, if it's not on it's not on!
  10. Christ, Netriders gone to the dogs...

    Do 5 stand up wheelies & rolling burnout past a school for your sins.

    I'll have to think on your punishment for nodding at a scooter [-X
  11. Fixed that for you....
  12. "No glove no love" you would have to turn it into an ATGATT thread.
  13. Sorry did not even think of that ..... retracted
  14. fair enough scooter riders look out
  15. ..All The Time sometimes? :-s

    And that he rode to the café a block away to get his skim soy extra hot ristretto latte with five (white*) sugars.
    And he did all this on a Harley with a Hyosung engine. At the end of the day he spent a few hours going over it with a soft toothbrush.

    *Coffee knowledge points if you get the reason for that detail ;).
  16. Pretty sure he was juggling kittens, too.
  17. It takes big man to admit he's wrong and apologise for it.

    But nodding to a scooter rider, sorry that's just unforgivable.
  18. Even if she's hot?
  20. i thought taking the helmet off at the servo was the right thing to do.. oh.. wait.. i get it now..