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My anti theft tips

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rich, May 29, 2010.

  1. This is what I do to stop my bike getting nicked

    firstly insurance, Ive used it for the cage and bike at least five times in ten years, its saved me about 30000 dollars. get it.

    when out

    alarmed and chained to a pole where possible, my licence number is engraved on the underside of the pipes and randomly in three other places. The police station is a great place to park.

    when in
    I fixed four eye bolts to the garage floor 4 inches into the concrete, a chain the size of god is padlocked to these at both ends - this cost 40 bucks at bunnings including the drill bit. Both wheels are chained to the ground.

    I have anti cut padlocks at both ends with the chains padlocking in the middle so I only have to unlock two locks rather than drag the mother through the wheels. The chain has flexible plastic piping on it so as not to massacre the finish. It cost me 25 bucks to get an extra sensor for my house alarm which monitors the garage as a whole.

    total cost maybe 80 bucks and twenty minutes work
    I thought about cameras but dont believe that the cops will actually bother doing anything with footage- there is cheap bird watching cameras which are motion activated on ebay - no film just high quality fixed shots of a set point.

    Before I got serious about it I got robbed 9 times in three states and was starting to get paranoid. At one point I made a complicated booby trap, involving beer bottles and lumps of metal and got home to find blood all over my driveway. Oops. Damm.

    Ive also got a boxer called Biggles who tends to eat burglars and wag for kids.
    I actually really enjoy the security of having security.
  2. Wow, that is quite the deterrent you have setup there!
    I often think of bike security, i only have a gs500 atm, but in a year i will get a bigger expensive bike etc and you do hear of the odd bike getting pinched.
    I have looked on Ebay at disc clamps that alarms if tampered with or if bike is knocked. Though there is a lot of dodgy stuff on ebay now and i worry if i get one of those devices the thing will start screaming if the wind blows too hard or a truck goes past etc !
    i dont know if i will go to the extremes of eye bolts and chains, and alarms in my locked garage, however, given your track record, i completely understand why you have yours! - that is some bad luck you have had mate!
    Agree 100% with insurance, i hate paying for the stuff, but on the day you need it (which thankfully i havent yet) you would be gutted if you didnt have it.
  3. lol?
    I am guessing that no one ever came knocking with a lawsuit? Considering people breaking into a house and hurting themselves can sue to owners... (may of only been in america, like most things.)
  4. wow thats some serious anti theft measures... if they want your stuff make them work for it like u did
  5. Good on you mate and I see where your coming from. My wifes cousin has a similar chain setup in his garage which he keeps his old model done up Torana locked up.

    Care to show a pic of what your setup looks like.
  6. Wow. I'd probably do the same if I had been robbed 9 times. That's insane.

    Why bother with all of the extra security if you are insured for theft and are within the PDS in regards to locking it up at night?
  7. wow, I was going to say that you've had some serious bad luck.

    Have you considered that maybe you have a dodgy friend?
  8. Have to be careful with traps :p not exactly legal...
    But yeah a few bear traps or land mines ought to deter crims.
  9. wow seems like uv had a run of bad luck!
  10. I think you should just move to a nicer area
  11. Great advice man, you cant be too careful these days!
  12. My method is just driving/riding shit vehicles

    People take one look and then don't wanna steal it :p

    While attempting to sell my car, I seriously couldn't GIVE it away to anyone.. and it still started up, just had a big end knock.

    You gotta be an unlucky fellow to get robbed 9 times.. I've never heard of anyone being targeted that much.
  13. Hahahaha I hope it was the theif.
  14. :rofl:
  15. Pics please!
  16. WTF? I've gotta be 'modded' before asking for pics?
  17. I just make a point of not owning anything worth stealing....easy
  18. Thats a pretty comprehensive list mate. thanks.

    Please tell more :)
  19. insurance is a must these days. my old bike i owned for 2 weeks and it was stolen from a secure garage. dont think it wont happen to you, thats where i went wrong.
  20. No offence Rich, but if I was that paranoid about my bike getting stolen it would never leave the yard......

    My simple tips

    insure it..

    ride it..

    park it.. with the aid of a Krypton Disc Lock

    that's why I buy insurance..